Se* parties hosted on children’s game Roblox

Ground Report | New Delhi: Roblox game se*; A woman dressed in special excitement is being chained to a na%ed man wearing only a dog leash and taken to the floor in a very commanding manner. Nearby, two semi-nude women are dancing in front of a bar counter. At the same time, some people standing in the circle are watching a man and a woman having se* in front of them and are commenting on it.

The rooms, discovered during a BBC investigation, also included a strip club, avatars dressed in Na%i uniforms and a na%ed man “wearing just a dog collar and leash being led across the floor by a woman in bondage gear”.

One person in the crowd is dressed as a Na%i party worker. This scene is not the real world, but all this is happening in a children’s game on the Internet, which is available on a gaming platform called Roblox.

Games on Roblox are currently one of the most popular online children’s games around the world. The exact figures aren’t very clear, but in 2020 a Roblox official told Bloomberg News that two-thirds of American children between the ages of nine and 12 play the game. ۔

Kids who play games on Roblox can not only invent new games together on this platform but can also play their favourite games at the same time sitting away from each other like other games. This way they can do whatever they want in the digital or internet world away from the real world.

Roblox users can create new games using the various tools available on the same platform, meaning that unlike other traditional video or computer games, children can create new content or games on Roblox themselves. From a business point of view, the Rublox model is very successful, but it has many problems.

Roblox’s se* games are commonly referred to as ‘condos’. These corners are actually found on the condo roblocks where different groups of users create and play their favourite games. Players in these places can not only have se*, but also have se* with their characters, regardless of the rules and regulations of the RoboLux.

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