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Separate Apple APMC at Tikri to curb pollution in Delhi

Apple Mandi Tikri

Continuous efforts are being made to reduce the level of pollution in Delhi. For this, efforts are being made to improve the infrastructure so that the traffic jams on the roads can be avoided and the smoke of vehicles can be reduced. In Delhi, apple trucks come to Azadpur Mandi. Azadpur Mandi is the biggest APMC in the country. Thus, the problem of traffic jam persists here. Now a separate market will be constructed for apples at Tikri border, so that now apple trucks will not have to come to Azadpur mandi.

Apple Mandi at Tikri

The Delhi Government has decided to construct a temporary market at Tikri in outer Delhi. After which there will be no traffic jam in and around Azadpur Mandi. With the formation of this market, about 300-400 trucks will not have to enter inside Delhi, they will return after doing their work in the temporary market built on the Tikri border. This will reduce the air pollution in the city.

Azadpur Mandi Chairman Adil Ahmed Khan told Dainik Bhaskar that “it has been decided to make a temporary market to avoid the problem of pollution and jam. In which mainly apple transactions will take place. It will be called apple market. Every day 300-400 trucks of apples from Himachal, Uttarakhand and Jammu and Kashmir come to Azadpur Mandi in Delhi. In such a situation, a lot of jam situation is created in Azadpur Mandi area, which causes pollution. This jam lasts for 5-6 hours.”

About Azadpur Mandi

Azadpur Mandi is the largest fruit and vegetable market in Asia. Thousands of trucks come here every day to sell fresh fruits and vegetables. Wholesale trade is done here. From here again fruits and vegetables are supplied across the country.

Every day transactions worth several hundred crores take place here.

Farmers give their produce to commission agents who bid for them and sell them to the highest bidders. The commission of 6 percent of all the goods sale goes to the agent. APMC committees monitor this auction. APMC charges fees from traders. Which is one percent of the total sale value.

Many people get employment because of this market, which includes goods lifting workers, transport agencies.

With the formation of a new temporary market in Tikri, the crowd here will also be less.

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