SC wants states to setup community kitchen, How this will help?

Ground Report | New Delhi: States to setup community kitchen; The Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the Central government to work with the states to provide data on starvation deaths, hunger and malnutrition across the country. It also directed the Central government to work with the states to provide data on starvation deaths, hunger and malnutrition across the country.

SU wants States to setup community kitchen

The Union government on Tuesday informed the Supreme Court that no starvation death has been reported by any state or Union territory (UT) in the recent years, adding that the Centre cannot divert any additional funds to the states for running community kitchens.

Citing the AG’s submission on starvation deaths reported by states, the bench queried, “Can we afford to take that there is no starvation death in the country?” The Chief Justice then highlighted that states like Odisha, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Punjab and West Bengal run community kitchens, but are dependent on the Central government for funds and said, “We are not on starvation, or people dying of hunger. Our focus is on that people should not suffer from hunger.”

A community kitchen is a group of people meeting on a regular basis to plan, cook and share healthy and affordable meals. Community kitchen groups are for everyone and can be run anywhere there is a kitchen, for example – churches, schools, neighborhood houses, community health services, workplaces, and men’s sheds, etc.

How Will Setting Up Community Kitchens Help:

  • They increase access to healthy meals.
  • Help community to develop life skills such as growing fresh food, budgeting, and meal planning, cooking, and social skills.
  • They support members of the community to connect and start new friendships.
  • Small community kitchens have an impressive grassroots impact on improving the nutrition of high-risk commodities and finding ways to deliver food while navigating through Covid-19 precautions. 
  • As a result of COVID-19, many individuals who lost their livelihood have been relying on community kitchens as a reliable source to get food when they have limited options.
  • Whether migrant workers or low-income native workers, for the neediest and most desperate individuals, trapped by the pandemic, community kitchens have been the single most crucial lifeline available for assistance. 

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