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Do you believe in Hindurashtra? then ‘Say no to Valentines Day’

say no to valentines day in hindurashtra

‘Say no to Valentines Day’: These days there is only one song in India, Hindu Rashtra-Hindu Rashtra. Earlier it used to be said only by sages, saints and people of Hinduist organizations, now it has become mainstream. In religious parliaments, on social media, in viral videos, in the drawing rooms of homes, everywhere. Do you think it is as simple as changing the name of the station, or you just have to remember that Allahabad is now Prayagraj? No it will intrude on your free life, it will tell you when and how to do it. Did you support Hindu Rashtra on WhatsApp group yesterday? And are you planning to surprise your girlfriend or wife on this Valentine’s Day? So stay a while. Hindu Rashtra does not allow you this.

Yes, a campaign like Say No to Valentine’s Day has started on Twitter. It tells that Valentine’s Day which is celebrated as a festival of love and affection all over the world is not appropriate for Hindu Rashtra. We are people of very cultured nature, we do not openly express love like this. Valentine’s Day is western culture, it’s sloppy, it’s obscene. Cultured Hindus do not celebrate this festival, they celebrate parents worship day on this day. Yes, supporters of Hindu Rashtra, expressing your love is banned in the country of your dreams. You should not give flowers to your wife, you have to say Namaskar, understood?

Say No To Valentines Day Campaign

Actually, the Valentine’s Day must have been a gift of western civilization, but now it is seen as a day of love all over the world. On this day people express their love and spend a day with their loved ones. If seen, this day is of love, but some people have started using it to spread hatred and poison. They want to impose their small mentality on the whole world. Think for yourself, do you want haters or those who talk about love and peace?

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