“Proud of Kashmir, people voted well in Panchayat elections”: Governor

Wahid Bhat |SRINAGAR

Jammu and Kashmir’s Governor Satyapal Malik said in the heart of Kashmir that he should help us and our state, take a positive view that in a year we have tried for good governance, self-rule and empowerment in the state.

Governor Satyapal Malik while talking about the last panchayat elections in Jammu and Kashmir, said, “We had a lot of trouble in the last Panchayat elections. Farooq Sahib stood with us in two places, he stood up for us, standing for Delhi. They stood for this state.

We made Panchayat elections between the threat of militants, 74 percent of the turnout was voted. Pleased talk of a bird was not a casualty in the whole election. While there were reports of casualties of 3 people in the by-election by that time before. ‘

Satyapal Malik said, “We are proud of Kashmir that the people here voted well in the Panchayat elections. It also benefited the people here. About 35 crore rupees will be received by corporations. We have given a lot of rights to the Ladakh Council. We gave a division, gave a university, gave the airport in Kargil.
The governor said, “Now we are about to start a program, the gazetted officers of the back will go there and meet people, listen to them. There will also be new recruits. Because there are so many schools and colleges. In Ayushman India, we are number one. We will build 1.1 million houses in Jammu and Srinagar all over the country. ‘

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We have identified the projects. Kashmir’s football team has defeated Mohun Bagan. In each Panchayat, a piece of land will be given to the children there to make the stadium.

We have taken the water of the lake seriously. 45 thousand new jobs have been created. The investment summit will be in October. It will focus on Tourism, Animal Husbandry, Agro and IT.