Salman Khan and Somy Ali relationship timeline

Former Bollywood actress Somy Ali recently accused superstar Salman Khan of banning her web show in India, claiming the actor physically and sexually abused her when they were dating. Somy Ali is mainly remembered as the love interest of Salman Khan. The two actors dated between 1991 and 1998.

Somy Ali alleged abusive relationship with Salman Khan

In one of the posts, Somy explained why she posts and then deletes it. She wrote: “Yes, because I had used profanity and my anger got the better of me. As the CEO of an NGO, it did not sit well with me to have profane posts on my social media. So I deleted them.”

Somy Ali

She wrote, “The eight years spent with him were the worst years of my entire existence. In addition to tons of affairs and flings he would constantly belittle me by calling me ugly, stupid and foolish. Not a day went by that he wouldn’t make me feel worthless and small. He would not acknowledge me as his girlfriend in public for years and when he finally did he would insult me in front of his friends and berate me nonstop.

“I have no qualms in saying that given his treatment of me I chose to have affairs which essentially defined as a search for someone who would care for me and love me. Someone who would not insult me and would actually be nice to me. Unfortunately, I was unaware that these men were simply using me and I was building a future with each affair while I was simply being used” she added.

Sexual and physical abuse

Admitting that Salman abused her and even gave her “cigarette burns”, Somy called him a narcissist who enjoyed watching her suffer. “From what I endured, none of his other girlfriends experienced even half of that kind of abuse. I had it worse in terms of verbal, sexual and physical abuse,” she said.

“You can’t assume a throne in heaven when you’re committing criminal acts and at the same time running a foundation that helps people. Life doesn’t work that way and neither does the universe. The former doesn’t balance the latter. I remember lying on the bed for months due to severe back pain and not once did he come and sit next to me to ask how I was doing,” added the former actress.

Somy wrote: “He started shedding tears because he couldn’t bear to see my condition. In 2018, I had to have back surgery because I couldn’t get out of bed. The surgeon asked me when it all started and I told him mainly due to a fall of a horse during a movie shoot.

She further added “the doctor then asked me if I had ever been in a physically abusive relationship and I told him the truth. Being beaten and thrown around like a rag doll exacerbated my back problems over time. and now I have three titanium screws in my back along with hardware in my stomach just to get up and running.”

“This is not breaking news by any means. Rummage through any tabloid or a film magazine from the early 90’s to 1999 and you will read articles about Somy being physically abused by Salman,” she said.

Salman Khan and Somy Ali relationship

Somy Ali and Salman Khan were in a relationship in the ’90s for almost a decade. The duo dated from 1991 to 1999. She was attracted to him after seeing Maine Pyaar Kiya and she travelled to India because she wanted to marry him.

They eventually got into a relationship a year after she expressed her feelings for him. After her breakup, she left the Hindi film industry. Somy, who is an active user of social media, made fun of her ex-boyfriend Salman Khan in her latest Instagram post.


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