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Safest cities in the world

Safest cities in the world

Ground Report | New Delhi: Safest cities in the world; Every two years, the British magazine The Economist establishes a ranking of the largest cities in the world on the basis of their safety. For the very first time, Tokyo does not get the palm. The capital of Japan is even thrown from the podium. For its part, Brussels continues its fall in the ranking.

The Economist has just revealed its 2021 ranking of the safest cities in the world, calculated by its subsidiary The Economist Intelligence Unit, a company that provides research and analysis on multiple terrains. This is the first edition in what some call the “world after,” that is, the one following the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the previous edition dated from 2019.

In 2021, Copenhagen was voted the safest city in the world. A good progression for the Danish capital, eighth two years ago. It is also the very first time that a European city has been on the podium. It is followed by Toronto and Singapore.

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Safest cities in the world

The ranking of the safest cities in the world, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit:

  1. Copenhagen (Denmark): 82.4 points out of 100
  2. Toronto (Canada): 82.2
  3. Singapore (Singapore): 80.7
  4. Sydney (Australia): 80.1
  5. Tokyo (Japan): 80.0
  6. Amsterdam (Netherlands): 79.3
  7. Wellington (New Zealand): 79.0
  8. Hong Kong (China): 78.6
  9. Melbourne (Australia): 78.6
  10. Stockholm (Sweden): 78.0

Environmental criterion that changes everything

If Copenhagen rose to first place and Tokyo fell, it is partly thanks to the addition of the environmental criterion, which did not exist in previous editions. This makes it possible to give greater importance to questions of sustainability and climate adaptation linked to the cities of the ranking.

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Another element responsible for these big upheavals is of course the coronavirus. If we only take into account the criterion of health security, Tokyo and the major Asian cities are the winners. But the pandemic did not affect only this criterion. It has also had an impact on online security – work and commerce having moved strongly there – and on the security of infrastructures – which have had to be adapted due to the evolution of travel and the consumption of services. public.

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