Ukraine Crisis: What S Jaishankar said in 2019 in Raisina

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Ground Report | New Delhi: The ongoing Russia and Ukraine crisis has caused not just tragedy but also talks globally. With a deceptive and horrifying invasion done by the Russian government and its troops, that resulted in the killing of thousands of people, many countries had a rather assertive response to Russia. Most of them showed their support to Ukraine by putting sanctions on the Russian government and also froze some of the biggest banks in Russia. However, among these talks, previous clips of various officials are turning heads and coming out in the light regarding the two nations. One such instance is coming to light, in which S Jaishankar enlightened people with his thoughts on the US and Europe’s obsession with Russia.


S Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs, on being asked about Russia and the changes in 2019, responded with “The one thing that baffles me about American thinking currently and to some extent European thinking is the obsession with Russia. I think it is so emotional and so visceral” After this, he was interrupted with a very intriguing question of comparison of India’s obsession with Pakistan in a similar context to the US’s with Russia. 


He further stated, “In a way mostly, we haven’t yet passed laws and sanctions against Pakistan”. “I’ll tell you why, it is interesting you made that comparison because in our own part of the world we get advice from other people that ‘be practical’, ‘be rational’, ‘you shall talk to the other guys’ and ‘they may be doing bad things but you gotta live with it. I am honestly to the extremes to this which it has gone and I’m not sure it’s even smart. It is giving Russia less and less incentive and then Russia will be angular to assert itself. This is not an ideological issue but I think we have differences in perspective from the western world. I think about the only thing I could say safely is that 2019 is gonna be a much bumpier year than 2018. He further said it will remain friction and bumpy, I don’t know if it’s gonna be good for the world but it is the reality.”

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