Russian troops raped woman and burned swastika on corpse

Russian troops have marked the body of a woman they murdered and raped with a swastika in further evidence of war crimes committed against innocent Ukrainians, according to one of the country’s politicians.

Lawmaker Lesia Vasylenko, a member of the liberal Holos party, posted an image on Twitter of an exposed patch on her torso with the Na%i symbol etched into her flesh.

The image tweeted by the liberal Holos party MP shows an exposed torso covered in bruises, with a large swastika symbol burned and scratched into the skin.

It is unclear exactly when or where the image of the woman’s marked torso was originally taken.

But a search of social media reveals that pro-Russian accounts earlier claimed that Ukraine’s Azov Battalion carved the swastika into the woman’s skin near Mariupol.

The battalion is known for its links to neo-Na%ism and has been defending the city, but this version of events has been challenged by Ukrainian accounts that the Russians deliberately mutilated the woman’s body.

Pro-Russian accounts claim the disgusting torture was carried out by Ukraine’s neo-Na%i Azov battalion at a location near Mariupol, reports MailOnline.

But Ukrainian accounts dispute that it was her compatriots, claiming instead that Russian troops mutilated the woman’s corpse after her death.

Ms Vasylenko added: “Russian soldiers loot, rape and kill… Women with swastika burns. Russia. Russian men did this.”

In subsequent tweets, the lawmaker heaped more accusations against the Russian enemy.

Ms. Vasylenko’s tweet was posted as Ukrainian forces are retaking territory from Putin’s forces, uncovering evidence of war crimes left behind.

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‘Russian soldiers loot, rape and kill… Women with swastika-shaped burns. Russia. Russian men did this,” Ms. Vasylenko added.

Terrifying images from the cities of Bucha and Irpin show the bodies of hundreds of civilians lying in the streets and buried in mass graves.

A search of social media reveals that the first posts of the image were on pro-Russian accounts, which claimed that the body was found near the city of Mariupol.

Reuters reporters saw several bodies on the roadside in the Ukrainian town of Bucha on Sunday, one with his hands tied behind his back and a gunshot wound to the head, one of hundreds of local residents authorities say , were found dead in the wake of five weeks of Russian occupation.

On Sunday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that all photos and videos released by Ukrainian authorities alleging crimes committed by Russian troops in Bucha were a “provocation” and that no residents of Bucha suffered violence at the hands of Kremlin troops.

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