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Why so many Russian senior officers have been getting killed?

Why so many Russian senior officers have been getting killed

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, Ukrainian officials have said their forces have killed more than ten Russian generals and commanders.

A statement from the White House National Security Council said: “We regularly provide detailed, timely intelligence to Ukrainians on the battlefield to help them defend their country from Russian aggression, and we will continue to do so.”

According to NBC News, the exchange of intelligence at the request of the US military and intelligence officials, who claim that reporting on this may help the Russians to close important sources of information.

“A lot of real-time intelligence has been passed on things that could be used to specifically target Russian forces,” said a former high-ranking intelligence official familiar with the situation. The information includes commercial satellite images, “but also much other intelligence on, for example, where certain types of Russian units operate.”

Ukraine continues to move air defences and aircraft almost daily with the help of US intelligence, which is one of the reasons why Russia has failed to establish dominance in the air. In some cases, Ukraine relocated targeted air defence systems or aircraft on time, officials said.

“The Russian military is literally cratering empty fields where air defences were once created,” said one US official. “It has had a huge impact on the capabilities of the Russian military on the ground.”

According to NBC News, Ukrainian forces used specific coordinates provided by the United States to fire on Russian positions and aircraft.

These early shootings helped thwart a Russian air raid aimed at capturing Gostomel Airport near Kyiv, which would allow the Russians to send troops and equipment to the area around the capital.

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U.S. officials said the Russians eventually seized the airport for a while, but never had enough control to fly in a huge amount of equipment. This failure has significantly affected the battle for Kyiv, say US officials.

It is reported that the CIA is also allocating significant resources to gather intelligence to protect Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whom the Russians want to assassinate.

The agency is consulting with Ukrainians on “how best to move it, making sure it is not with its entire chain of command, things like that,” the US official said.

“I would say that what we are in is revolutionary in terms of what we have managed to do,” Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, told Congress last month, describing the exchange of information and intelligence between the United States. and Ukraine.

CIA Director William Burns told Congress last month that when he met with Zelensky in Kyiv in January, “we shared with him the intelligence we had at the time about some of the brightest and most interesting details of Russia’s planning for Kyiv, and we also reported and we have continued to do so daily ever since. ”

Markiyan Lubkivsky, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, told The Washington Post that “at least 15 top Russian commanders have been killed in the field.”

Corruption is widespread in all spheres of Russian life, including the military. A recent report, published as part of the London International Government’s Defense Integrity Index, said that the Russian military has a high risk of corruption “due to extremely limited external control over defence policies, budgets, activities and acquisitions.”

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The report also notes a lack of transparency in the procurement and issuance of defence contracts, with a rating of only 36 out of 100 in this category. Loyalty to Putin may have given top leaders a place in the inner circle, but it was at the expense of the staff they serve.

The public procurement sector often brings with it opportunities for corruption, and this is no different in the Russian state. A report published by the Risk and Compliance Portal (2021), which examines corrupt practices in the states, states that: “Bribes, kickbacks and other illegal payments are often exchanged for government contracts.

Companies report favouritism in government decisions, and public funds are often diverted through corruption. ”

Army analysts and Western intelligence officials say Russian generals in Ukraine may also be more out in the open and serving closer to the gate because their side is fighting, and senior officers are deployed closer to the action to cut off the chaos.

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