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Russia claims 14,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 16,000 wounded in war

‘Kill them all’: audio leaked from Russian soldiers in Ukraine

Ground Report | New Delhi: Some 14,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and 16,000 wounded so far in the Russia Ukrainian war. 1,351 Russian soldiers were also killed in military operations in Ukraine and 3,825 were wounded.

During the first month of Russia’s special operation, Ukraine lost about 30,000 men, including 14,000 killed in action, Russia’s First Deputy Chief of General Staff Sergey Rudskoy said, Russian News Agency Tass reported.

“During a month of combat operations, the Ukrainian army has lost about 30,000, including 14,000 dead and 16,000 wounded,” he said.

According to Rudskoy’s estimates, all 24 large Ukrainian units that existed before the start of the operation have suffered losses. Ukraine does not have organized reserves. Manpower losses are offset by newly mobilized personnel and territorial defence units, who lack training and are prone to heavy casualties.

Previously, tabloid ‘Komsomolskaya Pravda’ revealed on March 21 that almost 10,000 Russian soldiers had been killed in the Ukraine war, before quickly deleting the information.

Later, the media outlet released a statement saying that he had been hacked. The Russian Defense Ministry was cited as a source by the tabloid until the figures were removed.

According to the report, 9,861 Russian soldiers have been killed and 16,153 wounded since President Putin ordered what he called “special military operations” in Ukraine on February 24.

These figures are significantly higher than what Moscow has previously stated. The Russian Defense Ministry had stated that 498 Russian personnel had been killed. The US intelligence assessment, on the other hand, revealed that the Russian death toll in Ukraine is 7,000.

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