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Royal Navy investigating ‘abhorrent’ submarine service sex abuse: Ex-officer

Royal Navy investigating 'abhorrent' submarine service sex abuse: Ex-officer

The British Navy launches an investigation after complaints of “abhorrent” practices of sexual harassment Admiral Ben Key, Chief of Staff of the British Navy, has ordered an immediate investigation into allegations of “abhorrent” practices of sexual harassment to which women, especially conscripts, have been subjected for years during service.

Added to the complaints of aggression is the existence of lists where the recruits appear according to the order in which they should be raped in the event of a “catastrophic event”.

The complaints also point to Navy officers as being responsible for making “sexual gestures and comments” towards female personnel. Some female recruits have also reported being hit with clipboards.

He said: “I am deeply disturbed by allegations of inappropriate behaviour in the submarine service and want to assure our people, and anyone reading this, that any activity that does not meet the highest standards the Royal Navy sets itself to itself. is totally unacceptable and is not a true reflection of what the shelf life should be.

“These accusations are abhorrent. Sexual assault and harassment have no place in the Royal Navy and will not be tolerated.

“I have directed my senior team to investigate these allegations thoroughly. Anyone found guilty will be held accountable for their actions, regardless of their rank or status,” he said.

“Any person who has been found guilty will be held accountable for his actions regardless of his rank,” the admiral said.

What’s the whole matter

A former British Royal Navy officer revealed that female submariners were harassed and sexually harassed by their male superiors and colleagues. Former Navy Lt. Sophie Brook alleged that the male submariners kept a ‘crushing depth rape list’ and ranked the women to decide the order in which they would be raped in a catastrophic event. The Royal Navy has ordered an investigation into his allegations.

The Daily Mail report said the divers compiled a “crushing depth rape list” in which the women were ranked in the order they should be raped in a catastrophic event, and that the women were frequently yelled at, called c*** and hit with clipboards and pens.

Brook said that one senior officer enjoyed her inserting her genitalia into her pocket, while another of hers exposed himself to her and another forcibly kissed her. The denunciations used to take place in a submarine, with patrols lasting more than 100 days so there was no escape.

Former lieutenant Sophie Brook, 30, spoke to the Daily Mail about the allegations. She was one of the first women to join the submarine fleet, as she wanted to join the navy since she was 12 years old and made history as the first woman in the war office.

After school, Mrs Brook turned down an offer from the London School of Economics to join the Navy and then the Submarine Service. However, she now says that the best thing she did was leave.

Ms Brook told the Mail that she said: “The best thing I ever did was leave the Navy, but I worry about the women I left behind. It was just a constant campaign of sexual harassment.” She told the paper that she loved the job, but said: “It’s unfortunate that the ‘old men’s club’ makes it such a hostile and misogynistic place.”

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