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Road accident in 2020: 1.20 lakh people died

Road accident in 2020; Last year, 1.20 lakh people died in the country due to careless road accidents. The data of the National Crime Records

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Road accident in 2020 1.20 lakh people died

Ground Report | New Delhi: Road accident in 2020; Last year, 1.20 lakh people died in the country due to careless road accidents. The data of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in the year 2020, despite the lockdown imposed to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, an average of 328 people died in road accidents every day. According to the latest NCRB report, 3.92 lakh people died in road accidents during three years.

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Road accident in 2020

The NCRB's Annual Crime India Report 2020 revealed that the number of injuries caused by speeding or reckless driving on a public road stood at 1.30 lakh in 2020, 1.60 lakh in 2019, and 1.66 lakh in 2018, while serious injuries occurred in these years. 85,920, 1.12 lakh and 1.08 lakh cases were registered respectively.

According to the data, 1.20 lakh such deaths were recorded in 2020, this figure was 1.36 lakh in 2019 and 1.35 lakh in 2018. Due to time-saving or lack of awareness, drivers drive carelessly or do not use helmets, etc.

Hit and run cases are also a matter of concern. In the country, 41,196 hit and run cases were registered last year. At the same time, 47,504 cases were registered in 2019 and 47,028 in 2018. The data shows that in the last year, on average, 112 cases of hit and run were registered every day across the country.

According to the report of the International Road Organization (IRF), 1.2 million people die every year in road accidents around the world. The report said that India accounts for about three percent of the total number of vehicles in the world, but India's share in the number of road accidents and deaths in the country is 12 percent. According to this, the graph of India in road accidents is very bad.

Who cares about the law?

Speeding, not using a seat belt while driving a car, talking on mobile while driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, motorcyclist, and not wearing helmet are the causes of accidents many times. 

Overloaded vehicles also cause serious accidents. In metros, high barricades have been put on the roads so that the vehicle does not collide with the vehicles coming in the opposite direction from the other lane, but proper arrangements are not made for the pedestrians to cross the road, so many times the pedestrians cross the road, take risks and become victims of accidents.

In the year 2019, the Motor Vehicle Act was amended, after which it became possible to impose heavy fines on those who break the traffic rules. The purpose of the amendment in the law was to instill fear among the people about breaking the traffic rules because till then the number of fines was very little.

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