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Rio to Tokyo olympics Indian women are ahead of men

Rio to Tokyo olympics; In the last 25 years, seven Indian women have won eight medals at the Olympics. In contrast, eight male athlete

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From Rio to Tokyo Olympics

Ground Report | New Delhi: Rio to Tokyo olympics; In the last 25 years, seven Indian women have won eight medals at the Olympics. In contrast, eight male athletes won nine medals. Badminton player PV Sindhu has won two medals at the Olympics, while Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar has also won two medals.

According to The report of Indian Express, Sindhu won a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. He had earlier won a silver medal in 2016. Despite her success, the Indian badminton star will not play a role in helping India finish fourth in the Olympics.

From Rio to Tokyo Olympics

The Indian women's hockey team reached the semi-finals by beating the strong team of Australia. Weightlifter Mirabai Chanu lifted 87kg and worked for five years to balance her legs.

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Boxer Lolina Borgohin was seen walking in the front row during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, while boxers with thin and long legs and arms stood tall with a strong body in color. Bhavani Devi competed in fencing while table tennis player Manika Batra made a name for herself in the country.

The first of five medals were won by wrestler Sakshi Malika in 2016 in Rio. This was the first medal India won in the competition after 12 days. Sakshi, India's first female wrestler to make her debut at the time, says she gained a lot of confidence after a month of training in Spain with the world and Olympic medalists.

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In physical competitions such as wrestling, young girls usually compete against well-known competitors. According to Sakshi, her rivals say that she is the kind of girl who wrestles with boys. No one will marry her. Her ears will bend and her body will not be like that of a girl. But my parents' opinion was quite the opposite. "I'm good at sports," he said. That was enough for me. '

The spirit got a chance

Sports in India have benefited from the maturity of female athletes who have demonstrated high levels of adult vision, especially in the field of sports, while athletes like Sindhu can physically meet the requirements of the competition.

Indian women athletes have shown remarkable ability to transform themselves in order to fulfill their dream of winning medals in every possible way.

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