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Home ยป Rickshaw puller gets tax notice of over Rs. 3 Crore in Uttar Pradesh

Rickshaw puller gets tax notice of over Rs. 3 Crore in Uttar Pradesh

Rickshaw puller gets tax notice of over Rs. 3 Crore in Uttar Pradesh

Ground Report | New Delhi: A rickshaw puller in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura district approached the police on Sunday after he was served a notice by the Income Tax (IT) department, asking him to pay over Rs 3 crore.

Rickshaw puller gets tax notice

Pratap Singh, a resident of Amar Colony of Bakalpur area of ​​Mathura, has lodged a complaint with the Highway Police Station alleging fraud after receiving a notice from the Income Tax Department.

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He had posted a video on social media explaining the incident. On March 15, he had applied for a PAN card at the Suvidha Kendra. The application was filed at a center owned by Tej Prakash. He then received a colour photocopy of his PAN card from Sanjay Singh. 

Got a phone call from IT department

He said he could not identify the original PAN card and photocopy as he was illiterate. Then I wandered for three months to get the original PAN card. He finally came to know about the scam on October 19 when he got a phone call from the IT department asking him to pay Rs 3 crore.

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He could not differentiate between a genuine PAN card and a color photocopy as he is illiterate, he explained in the video. Due to this, he had to make rounds of various offices to get access to his PAN card.

IT officials told him that someone had disguised his name and run a business with a GST number, earning Rs 43 crore for 2018-19. He approached the police on the instructions of IT officials. After this, he got colour photocopy of the PAN card from Sanjay Singh (mobile number 9897762706) resident of Bakalpur.

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