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Rally against unemployment turns violent in Meghalaya

Rally against unemployment turns violent in Meghalaya

The unemployment rally sponsored by the Federation of Khasi Jaintia and Garo People (FKJGP) in the Meghalaya state capital Shillong turned violent on Friday as activists raged, assaulting innocent bystanders and damaging vehicles.

Police have not yet confirmed how many people were injured during the anti-unemployment rally in Meghalaya.

The violence started as soon as the demonstration started marching on the Guwahati-Shillong highway leading to Khyndailad.

According to an eyewitness, although it looked like any other normal rally, some FKJGP members, many of them masked, punched, kicked and pushed passers-by indiscriminately, causing panic and huge traffic jams.

“We have confirmed that two people were injured after inquiring at hospitals. No one has filed an FIR so far, but we have filed sou-moto about today’s incident,” Sylvester Nongtnger, East Khasi Hills District Police Chief said. Meanwhile, FKJGP President Dundee C Khongsit has publicly apologized for the violent incident.

“As president of the organization, I really apologize in front of all the media. We did not expect the unfortunate incident to happen, since before the demonstration began we had already made a call to all the young people who had attended the demonstration that this is a peaceful demonstration. I would like to extend my apologies (to the people who were attacked) that we are sorry and we will take responsibility,” Khongsit said.

“We have told our members before the rally that this is a peaceful rally. Our demand is to fill the vacant positions in government departments as there are more than 7,000 vacant positions in different departments,” the tribal leader told the media.

“However, the state government is not paying attention to the serious unemployment problem in the state,” he added.

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