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Prominent people who refused to take national awards in recent years

Prominent people who refused to take national awards in recent years

Ground Report | New Delhi: People who refused to take national awards; The most prestigious and highest civilian awards are provided to people in different categories like Social Work, public affairs, science and engineering, trades, industry, art, medicine, literature and education, civil service, and sports. National awards are divided into two categories Padma award and Bharat Ratna.

What are Padma Awards?

The Padma Awards are India’s highest civilian honour after Bharat Ratna. They are announced every year on the eve of Republic Day. The Padma Awards were instituted in 1954 along with the Bharat Ratna? At that time there was only Padma Vibhushan with three subcategories Pahela Varg, Dusra Varg our Tisra Varg.

These were then renamed Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri by a Presidential announcement issued on January 8 1995. The awardees do not get any cash prizes but a certificate signed by the former President apart from that a medal, which they can wear at public and government functions. The awards are not allowed to use it as a title and the awardees are accepted not to use them as a prefix or suffix to their names.

The award seeks to recognise achievement in the field of activities or discipline in which an element of public service is involved in spite of that some people refuses to take the highest civilian award.

People who refused to take national awards

Padma Bhushan:

There are a total of 12 people who refused to accept the Padma Bhushan Award. Some are mentioned below-

Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee

The former Chief Minister of West Bengal refuses to accept the Padma Bhushan Award. Bhattacharjee state as chief minister from 2000 to 2011 post after the longest-serving CM Jyoti Basu trudge down.

Nobody told me, say the communist veteran ” I don’t know anything about Padma Bhushan award, none have said anything about it. If I have been given Padma Bhushan I refuse to accept it.”

The reason for refusing the award he said that it’s party policy, not to accept such a State award and for the said that our work is for the people not for the awards.

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Historian Romila Thapar

Historian Romila Thapar refused to accept the Padma Bhushan Award in 2005 by saying that she had made a resolve not to accept any “state award.”

In a letter to President APJ Abdul Kalam, she said “She was astonished to see her name in the list of awardees because three months ago when contacted by the HRD ministry and asked if I would accept the award I made the position very clear and I explained my reason for declined and she said I only accept a word from an academic institution or those associated with my professional work, not state awards.”

Playback singer S.Janaki

S.Janaki was awarded Padma Bhushan in 2013 but she refuses to accept the award by saying “It’s too late to come here” she also mentioned that not against the government and expresses happiness for the recognition.

she requested the government that show some more consideration to the artist from the southern part of the country in recognizing their talent and contribution

Author Krishna Sobti

In 2010, by the government of India, Krishna Sobti was offered Padma Bhushan Award which she declined, the reason she gave behind that is that the author “I have to keep distance from the establishment”.

In 1966 she already received a Sahitya Academy fellowship,” the biggest recognization as an author.”

Civil Servant S.R.Sankaran

The Government of India honoured him with the third-highest civilian award but he refused to accept it in 2005.

The reason he said that he could not accept any award for simply doing his duty.

Padma Shri award

The total number of 18 people who had refused the Padma Shri award presently

Film Writer Salim Khan

In 2015 writer Salim Khan refused to accept the Padma Shri award.

Salim Khan said, “My contribution to cinema has been much more than what is being offered to me, so I refused to accept it.” And adding to his statement said that the present government at least recognize his work other passed governments has ignored him.

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Author Gita Mehta

She declined the prestigious award in 2019 and stated “I am deeply honoured that the Government of India should think me worthy of a Padma Shri but with great regret I feel, I must wane as there is a general election hovering and the timing of the award might be misconstrued, causing embarrassment both to the Government and myself, which I would much regret.”

Sitarist Imrat Khan

In 2017, sitarist imrat Khan and his younger brother refused to receive the award in 2017.

She Stated “It is too little and come too late.” when the Government of India recognise her for the Padma Shri award she was 82 years old while saying that, I acknowledge good intention behind the smoke feeling about it without holding intolerance to the purpose of the award.

Journalist Virendra Kapoor

In 2016 journalist Rendu Kapoor declined to accept the honour. He stated, “I have nothing against the government but I have not accepted anything from any government in the last 40 years and I don’t believe in taking anything from the government.”

Tamil writer B. Jayamohan

B. Jayamohan declined to receive the award in 2019. He stated “As a writer who was already been targeted from his politics, acceptance of the award could comprise his Independence and the integrity of his idea”

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