Product identified on Amazon that people were using to commit suicide

Ground Report | New Delhi: Suicidal product on amazon; A food preservative sold by online retailers and other e-commerce Amazon was being used as suicide poison. A bipartisan group of lawmakers has questioned Amazon for allowing third-party sellers to use its vast marketplace to sell a patron that has been tied to suicides.

“Please stop selling this product,” began one review, posted on Amazon in July 2019 by a man who wrote that a niece used it to kill herself. “I’ve already informed Amazon and they said they would help, but they didn’t.”

Since then, suicides involving the sale of conservatories through Amazon have continued. The New York Times identified 10 people who bought it through the site over the past two years, including a 16-year-old girl in Ohio, some college students in Pennsylvania and Missouri, and a 27-year-old in Texas, whose mother sued Amazon for wrongful death. So many people bought the preservative to attempt suicide than the company’s algorithms began to suggest other products that customers would often buy with the preservative for such purposes.

But when relatives and others of the deceased alerted Amazon to the threat of death and sale, the company declined to act. Now Congress members are demanding answers. In a letter sent last week to Amazon President and CEO Andy Jesse, a bipartisan group of members of the House of Representatives requested a report on the company’s sales of conservative and related suicides, as well as information about the retailer. Asked. had addressed the threats and explained how it had responded to complaints.

In their letter to Amazon, seven House lawmakers put pressure on the company, arguing that the ease and speed with which vulnerable people could purchase a compound called sodium nitrite was a “grave concern.”

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Lawmakers want to question Amazon because they believe it is the most widely used e-commerce site for buying premises and getting it delivered quickly, claims parents and others. Aside from that the product review threat warning on Amazon was removed. Lori Trahan, is a Democratic representative from Massachusetts and a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee. (suicidal product on amazon)

In a written response to lawmakers on Thursday, Amazon’s vice president of public policy, Brian Hussein, offered condolences to the families of those who died defending Amazon’s practices and the sale of the compound. He said it was used for various purposes and was also being sold by other retailers.

“At Amazon, we offer a wide selection of products to our customers because we are confident that they will use those products as the manufacturers intended,” he wrote. “Like many widely available consumer products,” he said, the compound “can be unfortunately misused.”

In the United States, Amazon continued to receive complaints about its sales of the compound, including a complaint in May 2020, from a person whose father had just used it to commit suicide; in October 2020, from the grieving mother of an 18-year-old who had committed suicide; and last year, from Ruth Scott of Schertz, Texas, who is suing the company.

Ruth Scott mentioned that she had contacted Amazon five times to let them know and had only hit a wall. A customer service representative wrote that her message would be forwarded to the appropriate department.

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In email exchanges with the Times, an Amazon spokesperson declined to comment on the 10 deaths the Times identified.

“I am sorry for your loss,” said the email, which was reviewed by the Times. “But at least his son is now in the hand of God.” After Carrie Goldberg, Scott’s attorney wrote to Amazon’s general counsel and pleaded with the company to remove the product from its platform, Amazon’s attorneys pointed to a Texas law and court rulings that protect the seller from a Legal product used in a suicide. “They know he is killing people. They know very well, but they don’t care,” Scott said.

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