HP Teams Up With ExpressVPN to Provide Better Security to Laptop Users

ExpressVPN: Physical interactions are gradually phasing out in the business world while online communications take its place. While life has never been easier, hackers, government agencies, corporates snoopers, and botnets are an increasing threat to every website, business owner, and everyday users.

The Danger in Using Public Networks

Free internet is available in most major cities thanks to Wi-Fi hotspots. What many users do not know is that these free connections at the airport, coffee shops, restaurants, and other public places are mostly unsecured. Connecting to the networks leaves your log in trails even long after you have left the network. Your internet traffic also becomes exposed to hackers on the same network, rendering your bank accounts, emails, cryptocurrency wallets, and personal photos vulnerable to hacking.

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What is a VPN and How Does it Work?

HP Augments Its Security Offerings by Working with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN and HP have come together to provide digital security to HP customers. ExpressVPN is a market leader in providing digital security solutions across the world. HP considered the move following the high number of their customers who in most cases connect to unsecured networks, unaware of the possible repercussions this can cause them. 

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Following the new agreement, the new HP Spectre x360 13 from HP will come with a pre-installed ExpressVPN safety feature. HP Spectre x360 13 is a beautiful sleek design luxurious PC from the tech brand. The VPN will be exclusively available for one month during which customers will be able to access to all ExpressVPN apps. 

ExpressVPN will be used as an additional feature to the other security provisions that the technology brand offers. 

Why use VPNs for Internet Security?

A report by GlobalWebIndex revealed that there’s a steady increase in the number of internet users relying on VPN connection. The move by HP to partner with ExpressVPN further confirms that indeed, VPNs are an ideal way of ensuring internet safety. But why are internet users and device makers settling on Virtual Private Networks for internet protection?

The reasons are simple and can be understood from the way a VPN works. Here’s a breakdown:

A VPN Encrypts Data

Encrypting data is changing it into a sort of secret code. The data you send or receive remains encrypted while it’s on transmission till it reaches the authorized destination. 

Good VPNs respect your privacy

Reliable VPNs like ExpressVPN abides by a true zero log policy where users’ connections and online activities are not tracked or stored with the VPN. If a VPN logs, it’s a definite red flag and you’re advised to delete the app immediately.

VPNs hide IP addresses

Because it channels data through its servers, a VPN hides your real IP address. Therefore, even if data is leaked, it can only be traced back to the IP address of the VPN server and not you. 

It Can Hide Your Location

You can connect to a server that is many miles away from your real location. It is possible to connect to a server that is in a different country. 


Both device users and makers are appreciating the role of VPN in providing a safe and secure internet experience. It will be interesting to watch the trends in the global VPN market. There’s an expected growth of over 50%. If the current consumer demand for VPNs persists, it is possible to hit this predicted growth before 2022. 

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