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Poetry about Palestine “I worship them and protect them from the wind”

Poetry about Palestine and Jerusalem

Poetry about Palestine and Jerusalem, words that topped search engines on “Google”, coinciding with ignition of atmosphere inside Palestinian territories.

Poetry about Palestine and Jerusalem

Pushed them to try to access verses of poetry about Palestine and Jerusalem, Whether describing the situation they are going through, by using them in the hashtags on various social media. Therefore, we provide you with the most prominent poetic verses, through the following report.

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Poetry about Palestine and Jerusalem 

The poet Mahmoud Darwish, who was born in Palestine, comes at the head of the poets who wrote multiple verses in support of the Palestinian cause, among them “Your eyes are a thorn in the heart. When in an eye-to-eye meeting. 

Likewise, the poem addressed to Fadwa Toukan, in which he talked about Palestine and the occupation. His deep sadness for what happened in it, saying: “We are in a solution of remembrance.

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O Jerusalem, O home of the prophets 

And no one can forget those words that came in love with Palestine, when the poet said: “O Jerusalem, O homeland of the Divine Prophets, carry the light to this world and preach to the world.

And he said in another poem: “O Maroon among the passing words, carry your names and leave and take away your hours from our time and go away. Take whatever images you want from the blue of the sea and the sand of memory. Take whatever pictures you like so that you know that you will not know. How to build a stone of our land the roof of the sky, O Maroon between the passing words.”

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