PM Modi upgraded his car to Mercedes-Maybach S650, Price is 12 Crore

Ground Report | New Delhi: PM Modi Mercedes-Maybach S650; Prime Minister Narendra Modi now has the Mercedes-Maybach S650 armored vehicle as part of his convoy that can withstand blasts and bullets, according to a report.

PM Modi’s Convoy

Over the years, many vehicles have been a part of PM Modi’s security cover and the BMW 7-Series has been a part of the Prime Minister’s convoy for a long time. But with the changing times, SPG opted for safer cars and opted for various vehicles from India made by Mahindra Scorpio to Range Rover and Land Cruiser.

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Mercedes-Maybach 650 Features

Recently PM Modi was seen in Mercedes-Maybach 650 and this car worth Rs 12 crore is now part of PM Modi’s convoy. The Maybach 650 was launched in 2019 and is the most expensive production armored vehicle in India. The car comes with a VR10 protection level, which is the highest ever offered in a production car. (PM Modi Mercedes-Maybach S650)

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The Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard comes as the latest revamped model with VR10 level protection, which is the highest ever provided on any production car. Mercedes-Maybach launched the S600 Guard in India last year at a price of ₹ 10.5 crore and the S650 costs more than ₹ 12 crore.

Armored body

What makes the Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard so special is the armored body of this vehicle. It comes with a 2010 Explosion Proof Vehicle (ERV) rating and occupants are protected from a 15kg TNT blast from a distance of two meters.

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Protection from explosions

The cabin of this limousine is lined with polycarbonate and there is a heavily armored underside to protect the occupants from explosions. There is a special air supply mechanism that kicks in in the event of a gas attack. There is also an independent and secure communication system. The cabin is not only high-tech but also luxurious with a seat massager and repositionable rear seats.

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Special anti-puncture tires

The fuel tank of this car has a special protection mechanism. It is coated with a special material that automatically seals the holes in the event of a puncture. The material is the same that Boeing uses for its famous Apache AH64 attack helicopters. The Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard is powered by special anti-puncture tires to make sure you can get away quickly.

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