PM Modi now wears an Apple Watch

PM Modi pays special attention to his looks. From clothes to gadgets, he keeps himself upgraded. He wears very expensive gadgets. He loves wearing expensive watches. You would have seen him wearing the Swiss company Movado watch. But now Modi has started wearing Apple I Watch. The price of this watch is less than the watches of Movado but it is high tech watch, which keeps man ahead of time.

PM Modi seen wearing apple i watch

PM Modi’s Wrist Watch Love

Narendra Modi has a good collection of expensive wristwatches, he used to wear Movado, which cost around 1.3 lakhs. He likes black bands only on his watch. The color of his Apple Watch is also black. Modi’s way of wearing a watch is also different, he wears the watch upside down. When Akshay Kumar asked PM Modi the reason for this, he had told that people feel humiliated by repeatedly looking at the clock in programs. That’s why he wears his watch opposite side so that organizers do not know that I am watching time.

PM Modi's wrist watch

High Tech Modi

PM Modi keeps learning to use new technology. This can also be the reason for wearing Apple I Watch, as it is the most hi-tech watch in the market.

Features of Apple I watch

It comes in two sizes – 41mm and 45mm. Its price in India starts from Rs. 41,900. Apple Watch Series 7 has the feature of Always On Display, due to which you do not need to touch the screen to see the time. Apart from being crack-resistant, it is also water and dust-resistant. Apple Watch Series 7 comes with all the features to be always connected. In this, you get all the notifications on your phone. Also, if you want, you can also reply to the message from Apple Watch itself. Apart from this, you have also been given the facility of calling. That is, you can also receive and dial the phone. If you look directly, you do not even need to use an iPhone, all the work will be done from the smartwatch itself. It also has the support of Siri Voice Assistant. Through Apple Watch, you can do work from finding out blood oxygen levels to doing ECG test.

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