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Piyush Goyal calls Indian industry anti-national

Piyush Goyal calls Indian industry; On August 12, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) of the Commerce and Industry Minister at the

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Piyush Goyal calls Indian

Ground Report | New Delhi: Piyush Goyal calls Indian; On August 12, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) of the Commerce and Industry Minister at the annual meeting Piyush Goyal, pointed out against the national interest of the business practices of Indian industrialists.

According to the news published in The Hindu, the 19-minute video of Union Minister Piyush Goyal's remarks at the CII annual meeting was later removed from the YouTube channel. After that, an edited version of that video was uploaded on Thursday night, but that too was blocked till Friday evening.

In this video, naming Tata Sons Chairman Banmali Agrawala, Infrastructure, Defence and Aerospace, Goel said that Tata Sons had opposed the rules made by his ministry, those rules were to help the consumers.

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Piyush Goyal calls Indian industry anti-national

Kya aapke jaisi company, ek do aapne shaayad koi videshi company kharid li… Uska importance zyaada ho gaya, desh hith kam ho gaya? (A company like yours, maybe you bought one or two foreign companies, now their importance is greater than national interest?” Mr. Goyal said, adding that he had conveyed the same message to “Chandra” (Tata group chairman N. Chandrasekharan).

Questioning the priorities of domestic businesses and their commitment to India, Goyal challenged Tata Steel whether they can sell their products in Japan and Korea. He argued that companies in those countries are 'nationalists' and do not buy imported steel. On the contrary, the Indian industry will import, even if it is saving them only 10 paise in the finished cost of the goods. Then he will lobby for the removal of anti-dumping duty.

Hum nationalistic spirit ki baat karte hain, to kai log humein media mein dakiyanoosi bolte hain, backward bulaate hain. Japan, Korea, mein koi backward nahi bulaata (When we talk of the nationalistic spirit, many in the media call us orthodox and backward. Nobody in Japan, Korea calls this backward),” he said.

Small firms suffering

Piyush Goyal's statement came at a time when some members of CII, as well as Mr. Agarwal of Tata Sons, had called for more emphasis on the skills of the youth, and Ajay Shriram, chairman of DCM Shriram, said that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Had requested to help the small firms suffering.

The Union Minister also said that "too much profit in a few hands can create a lot of problems for the country" and urged the industrialists to "not put the greed of the few ahead of the need of the many".

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Development for all

At one point, he expressed disappointment that the Indian industry wasn’t giving early-stage funding for start-ups despite him having “talked to Uday (Kotak), Pawan (Goenka), Tatas, Ambanis, Bajajs, and the Birlas” to pitch in. “Even if a few don’t make money, you can sacrifice this much for the country,” he said.

Piyush Goyal said that social development is also the responsibility of the industry. Referring to the undeveloped tribal areas near the financial capital Mumbai, he said that “there is a limit to how much the country can tolerate such inequality. When we were trying to get land in Palghar for the High-Speed ​​Rail Corridor, there was a fierce protest. Why? He asked what have you done for us? You are taking our land and taking roads, infrastructure, railways, but there has been no improvement in our lives. This could be a cause for concern if people ever run out of patience."

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