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Petrol crisis in UK, 90% petrol pumps closed

Petrol crisis in UK

Ground Report | New Delhi: Petrol crisis in UK; The government has instructed the military to be ready to help with the ongoing fuel crisis in Britain. Many petrol pumps in the country are now empty after the last few days of chaotic shopping due to a shortage of tanker drivers.

Petrol crisis in UK

According to AFP, the UK’s Department of Energy said in a statement on Monday: “A limited number of military tanker drivers will be deployed and, if needed, will be deployed to further strengthen the fuel supply chain.” ۔Long queues of vehicles were seen at petrol pumps across the country in search of fuel. The government was asked to use emergency powers to give priority to medical personnel and essential services personnel over pumps.

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The government says the crisis is due to a shortage of tanker drivers and strong demand for fuel. If the crisis is not overcome in the coming days, military drivers will be deployed with special training.

“Although the fuel industry expects demand to return to normal in the coming days, it is important that we take this precautionary measure,” said Commerce Minister Kwazi Quarting.

Petrol pumps at night

He added that temporary military drivers would be deployed if needed, which would reduce fuel supply disruptions. The government has already relaxed its strict post- Bridget immigration policy and waived short-term visas for foreign truck drivers to meet the shortage of truck drivers. On Saturday, the government said it would issue 10,500 temporary work visas from next month to December 24 to meet the shortage of drivers.

On the other hand, fuel companies such as Shell, BP, and Esso have said that “there is a lot of fuel in the UK’s refineries” and they expect demand to return to normal in the coming days, which will affect the system. The pressure will go down. “We will urge everyone to buy the fuel that they normally buy,” he said in a joint statement.

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However, long queues and unhappy drivers were seen outside petrol pumps at night. There are also concerns about the impact of the crisis on the economy. Driver David Hart lined up in a garage in London looking for petrol over the weekend. “People need it,” he said. If I don’t get petrol now, I won’t be able to go to work.

panic shopping

The Union, Britain’s largest government union, said key personnel such as doctors, nurses, teachers, and police personnel should be given petrol on a priority basis rather than waiting in line. Secretary-General Christina McIntyre said the government should use emergency powers to set aside petrol pumps for key service personnel.

Medical institutions have said their staff is having difficulty getting to work, while schools have warned that education will not continue if teachers cannot reach school. The Petrol Retail Association said on Sunday that half of the country’s 8,000 petrol pumps were empty, citing “panic shopping”.

Critics have blamed the government for failing to take adequate measures to address the shortage of truck drivers. Many foreign truck drivers have also left the country since Britain left the European Union in January.

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