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People Unfollowing NDTV and Subscribing Ravish Kumar

Subscribe Ravish Kumar; After Ravish Kumar's resignation from NDTV, People started unfollowing NDTV, and Telangana Minister KT Rama Rao

By Ground report
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People Unfollowing NDTV and Subscribing Ravish Kumar

After Ravish Kumar's resignation from NDTV, People started unfollowing NDTV, and Telangana Minister KT Rama Rao also seems a bit upset. Mentioning it in a tweet, KTR said that he would unfollow NDTV, writing, “Thank you for the good work so far.”

Since Ravish Kumar's resignation people started Subscribing to his own Youtube channel with the name Ravish Kumar official within 24 hours Ravish gained around 7 lakh, new Subscribers, and as of now ravish Kumar has 13.4 Lakh subscribes. Hashtag #Subscribe_Ravish_Kumar is also trending.

Ravish Kumar's youtube channel increased on google according to uber suggest

Ravish Kumar released video message

Earlier, Ravish Kumar released a video message from his social media handle. In the video, he said, “There was never a golden era of journalism in India, but it was also not a bhasm era like today’s era, in which every good thing about the journalism profession is being consumed.”

Criticizing the current state of the media, he said, “Godi media and the government also want to impose their own meaning of journalism on you. At this point in time, I will not say anything specific about my institution because you cannot remain neutral in sentimentality. 26 in NDTV. There are many wonderful memories in NDTV, which will now be useful for telling stories.

NDTV, which is known for its prime-time news discussions that bring hot topics to light across the country, has been acquired by the Adani Group.

Apparently, the journalist Prannoy Roy and his wife Radhika Roy put their roles as directors. Now that the media company has been taken over by Adani, it is clear that the channel inevitably became the mouthpiece of the BJP government.

The incident conveys the feeling that the NDTV media company, which has won the public's trust with its anti-BJP stance, may lose confidence slightly in the coming days.


Now, the resignation of Ravish Kumar from NDTV has become a sensation. With the resignation of Ravish, many events are taking place across the country. Unfollow NDTV is a trend. Many political leaders and celebrities are tweeting that they are unfollowing NTDV.

A Twitter user wrote "Welcome @ravishndtv to the social media world. The true indian always loved him and the so called leftist or rightist or self proclaimed nationalist could always and were always hating him. God bless their spineless souls. But we will only respect him."

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