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Why are people demanding Income tax return due date extension?

income tax return due date extension

As soon as the central government said that it will not extend the last date for filing income tax this time. Chartered accountants on Twitter have started appealing to the government to extend the date. For this, #Extend_Due_Date_Immediately has started trending on Twitter. Every time the due date is extended by the government, due to this people file slow ITR. This time also people thought that the date would be extended.

The workload on the CA is increasing due to the non-extension of the date, they say that it is impossible to file income tax within a month, a permanent solution should be found for this. Sometimes the portal does not work and sometimes there is some problem.

Last time the last date was extended several times due to problems in the portal. But this time the government is completely strict. The CAs of many companies are appealing to the government on Twitter to extend the date.

Extend Income tax due date

Were return forms available on 1st April? Were 26AS updated on 1st April? If no, then why calculating due date from 1 April. Be practical. Stop asking people to do impossible. Many are feeling numb under pressure including me.

Last year they give generous extensions to Infosys. Now they are not even ready to listen to genuine problems of taxpayers. This is the problem you face, when you are being ruled by Mr and Mrs Always Right.


This year I expect more than 8 crore #IncomeTaxReturn will be filled. Most of ITR have due date 31st July. Only 3.1 crore return have been filled till yesterday. On average 50 lakh ITR will be filled. Income tax India should extend due date by atleast 7 days.



@IncomeTaxIndia, Putting undue pressure on CA, tax professional and there team for IT return it may add some numbers/data to your system. But to file correct Returns all its required appropriate time. Rethink your decision


So many states in the country affecting by floods and sezinal dieses. And moreover Tax payers also increasing every year. So one month is not enough. So plz Extension due dates upto 31/08/2022.


Revenue Secretary Tarun Bajaj said

over 2.3 crore income returns were filed by July 20 for fiscal 2021-22 and the numbers are picking up. People thought the routine now is that dates will be extended. So they were a little slow in filling the returns initially but now on a daily basis.

If you will not file Income tax on time, late fees will be charged.

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