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Home » HOME » People ask why “Garba in public places appreciated but not namaz”?

People ask why “Garba in public places appreciated but not namaz”?

People ask why "Garba in public places appreciated but not namaz"?

As Navratri fervour grips India, the Navratri festival will continue until October 5. Marking the victory of good over evil, the nine-day festival is celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm throughout the country.

Now, a video that has taken social media by storm and gone viral on all platforms shows a group of women dancing the Garba aboard a local Mumbai train.

Nupur Sharma former national spokesperson for BJP in a tweet said “Dear Muslims, garba is a deeply religious affair – it’s not entertainment. It’s a celebration of Navadurga, of the mighty Devi and her nine forms. If you want to participate, please do ghar wapasi and submit to Maa. Else, pls stay away. Thank you”.


The video is viral and people are giving different reactions to it. Someone is saying that people should have this spirit to celebrate the festival, while some linked this to offering Namaz in public places.

One user wrote that a “Great way to showcase Hindu culture by doing Garba in Mumbai locals. Hope there will be no objection to Namaz, Christmas celebrations, other festivals in public places and in Mumbai local trains.”

Another wrote that if it is okay then it is wrong to offer Namaz. how is it possible?’

Another user wrote “Welcome to #NewIndia, where we achingly appreciate ‘our’ festive religious celebrations in public spaces, but protest the offering of quiet prayers by ‘them’, whether in a college garden, public park, airport, even a secluded spot in a hospital, shooting videos to demand arrests!”

Bajrang Dal men attack Muslims

The Bajrang Dal has assaulted eight Muslim youths at ‘Garba’ spots in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, over the past three days for their alleged involvement in “immoral activities”, an official from the Hindu right-wing group said.

He said that more than 400 activists have been deployed to Navratri sites here to check “love jihad”. However, a senior Indore police official said the situation in all these places was peaceful and no “love jihad” activity was taking place in any of them.

A series of videos showing Bajrang Dal workers assaulting four Muslim youths at a garba joint on Sindhu Bhavan Road went viral. The city police have yet to register a complaint in the case, even as the right-wing organization claimed “responsibility” for the incident.

Hitendrasinh Rajput, Gujarat VHP spokesman, said Bajrang Dal volunteers carried out checks at two places on Tuesday night to prevent people of other religions from participating in Navratri.”

Despite being warned, four young men of another religion were seen in one place. Our volunteers caught them to prevent the jihad of love.” Rajput admitted that the four youths were beaten.


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