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Home » Pegasus spying case: Even the iPhone 11 and 12 are not safe

Pegasus spying case: Even the iPhone 11 and 12 are not safe

SC Orders Pegasus probe forms expert committee

Ground Report | New Delhi: Pegasus spying case; French organizations Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International have together revealed that governments around the world are spying on journalists, lawmakers, politicians through the spyware Pegasus of the Israeli company NSO. This investigation has been named ‘Pegasus Project’. The names of 50 thousand people are in the monitored list. The reaction of the United Nations (UN) has come after this shocking report came to the fore.

The UN has appealed for better regulation of surveillance technology. In the Pegasus project, it has been found that people’s phones were hacked or planned on a large scale. Pegasus affected thousands of iPhone users worldwide.

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Pegasus spying case

UN Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet said in a statement: “Reports regarding Pegasus spyware confirm the need for better regulation of the sale, transfer and use of surveillance technology, and to ensure stricter monitoring and authorization.”

Apple makes tall claims about the security of its iPhone. However, an Amnesty International report says that Pegasus has affected thousands of iPhone users worldwide.

Dana Ingleton, deputy director of Amnesty Tech, said: “Our forensic analysis found evidence that Pegasus spyware successfully affected the iPhone 11 and 12.”

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“This is a matter of global concern. Everyone is in danger and even tech giants like Apple are not prepared to deal with surveillance.”Dana Ingleton, deputy director of Amnesty Tech. Amnesty says Pegasus infected the iPhone through iMessage zero-click attacks.

Rahul Gandhi in the list

The mobile numbers of at least five close friends of Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders have also been included in the list of possible people who were either spied on or targeted. According to the report of The Wire, even in the middle of 2019, the numbers of two close friends of Rahul Gandhi, Alankar Sawai, and Sachin Rao, were spied on. (Pegasus Spy case)

According to The Guardian, of one of these 16 media outlets, the presence of a phone number in the database does not confirm that the device concerned was or was to be spied on. Apart from this, the name of election strategist Prashant Kishor is also appearing in this alleged leaked list. According to The Wire, an attempt was made to attack Prashant Kishor’s phone Pegasus in the year 2018, but could not succeed.

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