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Peace on LoC: Border areas full of tourist attractions

Chinese army building highways in eastern Ladakh

Ground Report | New Delhi: Peace on LoC; Stating that the entire valley is a natural gift, Kashmir’s adventure tourism partners on Wednesday said that all the border districts of the valley are very effective in attracting all kinds of visitors and adventure lovers and the government needs to identify those places. They need to work hard to be where they are. Searches can be conducted in the areas near the LoC.

Peace on LoC

The recent ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan has changed pace with consequences, with trekkers, tourists, and locals flocking to picturesque villages close to the Line of Control in Baramulla, Kupwara, and Bandipora – something that could possibly What is prompting the Jammu and Kashmir administration to work again on promoting border tourism in Kashmir.

Moreover, the silence of guns has eased the fear and uneasiness of the last nearly three decades and special occasions have returned for the people living along the LoC.

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Tourist attractions

News agency KNO Quoted noted valley-based adventure tourism operators said that the entire Kashmir Valley is a true gift of nature and all the regions have great potential to attract more visitors, while the three border districts It has immense potential to woo adventure lovers. (Peace on LoC)

Rauf Trumboo, one of Kashmir’s leading adventure tourism operators, said that the entire valley has a lot of potential in terms of adventure tourism, but for a long time, beautiful places in the northern belt of Kashmir have not come on the tourism map, but it has to be ensured. efforts are underway. from that administration.

“There was always fear in the border areas and the areas required for tourism-related activities were not developed. He said, “Tourism is a peacetime activity and people want to visit all such places which have a lot of potentials and if space is opened for these activities in North Kashmir then there will be no competition and there will be a large number of visitors to those areas. “, They said.

Roof said that people associated with the tourism business also want the area to expand so that activities apart from the local people will increase and some other avenues of income will be created. “The administration is working to locate the locations in the northern belt as talks are already on with them,” he claimed.

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Roof said that this time also at least 10-12 domestic tourist groups have already visited places near LoC in the Gurez sector and people living in border areas should also make some representations to the government so that work can start.

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Visiting remote areas of LOC

Sajjad Ahmed, an adventure trekker from the valley, said that Bangas, Lolab, and other places have great potential to attract a large number of tourists and many people have visited these places in recent times as they find it time as a stress reliever.

He said that many groups are involved in adventure trekking and camping in the valley.

Regarding the steps to promote tourism in the border areas, Sajjad said that adventure is not for everyone but experts should accompany the people visiting any place and about courses for those interested in it. thought so that the risk involved is minimized and they know how to deal with the upcoming situation

“The government should train more and more people associated with adventure tourism as there is a lack of awareness about it,” he said.

Several representatives of the three border districts said they were ready to welcome the visits as there was peace on the borders and the government had to play its part in promoting tourism to attract people not only from the Valley but from different parts of the country. needed. globe

He said that a large number of people have started visiting remote areas and this will probably open more windows which will help the local people to earn in a very positive way.

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