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Home » Panchayat members are first target of militants: Farooq Abdullah

Panchayat members are first target of militants: Farooq Abdullah

Get ready for farmers like sacrifices: Farooq Abdullah to party work

Ground Report | New Delhi: Panchayat members are first target; National Conference president Dr Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday claimed that his party will win the assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir and “we will form the next government” whenever elections are held.

National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abdullah was asked by journalists after a function at SKICC in Srinagar whether his party was preparing for the upcoming assembly elections. In response, Dr. Abdullah said that “We are preparing for the assembly elections and we will do better in it. We will win the elections… You will see… I am saying this with the claim that the National Conference is the most important part of Jammu and Kashmir. Will come out as a big party.”

The NC chief said that the COVID pandemic has affected the growth as well as employment opportunities in J&K. “You can see for yourself whether the situation has improved or worsened after Article 370. I won’t talk much about it. If I say anything, they (BJP) will say that being in opposition, I have started targeting them. So let people decide for themselves what has changed and what hasn’t.

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Panchayat members are first target

On the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, he said that the development taking place in Afghanistan will definitely have an impact. “Our neighboring countries are in trouble. I don’t know which country will be affected more if the Taliban come to power. We have Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Russia as our neighbors. Who knows whether the US will face more influence with the Taliban coming to power. I cannot say, but yes, surely the Afghan situation will have an impact on the world,” Dr Farooq said.

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Regarding the security of sarpanches in Kashmir, he said that leaders other than sarpanches and panches are being threatened with death because recently many of them are from BJP and one of them who was associated with his party was killed. Went. “There should be some protection for them. BJP has lost eight leaders in the recent attacks,” the NC chief said-

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