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Home » Pakistani Journalist Ayaz Amir attacked for criticism of the Army

Pakistani Journalist Ayaz Amir attacked for criticism of the Army

Pakistani Journalist Ayaz Amir attacked for criticism of the Army

Pakistani Journalist and political analyst Ayaz Amir was attacked by six unidentified men, who manhandled him and tore his clothes on Friday night as he left the office of a private television station in Lahore.

Amir, who had bruises on his face, assured that the hooded men not only “beat him and tore his clothes, but also stole his cell phone and wallet. They ran when people began to crowd the busy road.”

“I have no personal enmity with anyone and I had no quarrel with anyone. Whoever attacked me didn’t even care about my age. Is there a law of the jungle here? What will happen to a common man if a person like me is not safe?” he said.

Ayaz Amir, a senior journalist, columnist and former member of the National Assembly, told reporters that he had just left a program on private TV Dunya News when unknown individuals suddenly stopped his car and surrounded it. According to Ayaz Amir, the accused stopped the vehicle and tortured him including the driver. He said that the accused also snatched his mobile phone and wallet.

Speaking to Pakistani TV channel Dunya News after the incident, Ayaz Amir said that when he left the TV channel after the program, a car stopped him.

Amir said, a man wearing a face mask came and grabbed the driver, while two men punched him out of the window and dragged him out to the ground, where he was further beaten. has been. Ayaz Amir said that the said persons also took their wallet and mobile phone with them.

Pakistan’s National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) said in a statement that the attack showed that journalists in Pakistan were losing ground and that this was against the constitutional right to freedom of expression.

Senior journalist and analyst Mazhar Abbas strongly condemned the attack on Ayaz Amir, saying it was intolerable.

Pakistan Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz Sharif has condemned the torture of Ayaz Amir and demanded a report from IG Punjab. Hamza Shahbaz said that the accused involved in the torture of Ayaz Amir will be arrested soon and all the requirements of justice should be met.

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in his tweet said, “Today in Lahore, I strongly condemn the violence against senior journalist Ayaz Amir. “When the state loses all moral authority, it resort to violence.”

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