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Pakistan not in a position to go on war with India: Rajnath Singh

Pakistan not in a position to go war with India: Rajnath Singh

Ground Report | New Delhi: Pakistan not in a position; Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that the change in the equations of power in Afghanistan is a major challenge for India. He said that India needs to re-look at its security strategy.

Pakistan not in a position to go war

Rajnath Singh was addressing at the Defense Services Staff College in Wellington, Tamil Nadu said that Pakistan knows that a direct war cannot be fought against India. He said that the defeats in 1965 and 1971 completely proved that Pakistan was not in a position to go to war with India. 

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The inability to not wage a direct war with India forced Pakistan to work on two policies. On the one hand, he took steps towards finding an atomic way and on the other, started working on the policy of giving ‘death of a thousand cuts to India.

He said that the ceasefire with Pakistan has been successful and it is only because of India’s strength. India has changed its attitude towards extremism and now we are responding immediately.

Militancy wiped out from Kashmir

On Kashmir, he said that militancy will be wiped out from Kashmir soon because the strength that the separatist forces used to get there due to Article 370 and 35A is over now. The Defense Minister also slammed Pakistan for supporting terrorism, saying that it is engaged in creating instability in India by following a policy of proxy war. 

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In his address on ‘National Security in the late Balramji Das Tandon lecture series on Monday, Rajnath Singh said, ‘I believe that the remaining terrorism in Kashmir will also end.’

The Defence Minister said, ‘Today India is taking action against terrorism within the borders of the country. Along with this, the brave soldiers of our army have done the work of destroying terrorist hideouts by crossing the border when needed. Be it the surgical strikes after the Uri incident or the Balakot airstrikes after the Pulwama incident, the Indian Army has taken such a stern action against terrorism which is not exemplified at least in the history of independent India.

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