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Pakistan: 200 decomposing bodies found at rooftop of hospital in Multan

Pakistan: 200 decomposing bodies found at rooftop of hospital in Multan

More than 200 decomposing bodies of people were found on the roof of a hospital in Pakistan’s Punjab province, after which his CM ordered a committee to investigate the matter.

According to a report by the Pakistan-based newspaper Dawn, after the widespread outcry, the Punjab government also took action and ordered an investigation into the incident, while medical experts called the entire incident “inhumane, unethical and in violation of SOPs”.

Decomposing bodies found in Multan

The prime minister’s adviser, Chaudhry Zaman Gujjar, said: “All the decomposing bodies were naked. The women’s bodies were also not covered.” The authorities ordered the cremation of the bodies.

He said that dumping dead bodies on the roof of the hospital is an inhumane act and strict disciplinary action should be taken against the staff responsible.

The Vice Chancellor of Nishtar Medical University has formed a three-member committee to investigate the matter, whose members include Dean of Basic Sciences Dr. Abbas, Associate Professor Dr. Ghulam Mustafa and Campus Manager Dr. Tariq Saeed.

Meanwhile, the head of the anatomy department, Professor Dr. Maryam Ashraf, in a video statement tried to explain what the case of unidentified and abandoned bodies in the hospital looks like and how the decomposed bodies are used by medical students for educational purposes.

Decomposing bodies found in Multan. Source: Twitter

She said that the hospital had a morgue where unidentified and abandoned bodies were kept, when the bodies began to decompose they were kept in ventilated rooms on the roof of the morgue.

She claimed that some of the abandoned bodies were used to teach medical students under the rules and regulations of the Departments of Health.

She also denied reports of more than 500 dead bodies and said that people in the medical profession would understand the situation, while she appealed to medical experts to educate people on the use of dead bodies for medical purposes.

Inhuman act

In earlier statements to the media, Punjab Prime Minister Tariq Zaman Gujjar’s adviser said he had been told by an informant that bodies were rotting on the roof of the morgue.

They said that when they arrived at the morgue, the staff did not open the door, and then they found 4 open bodies on the ceiling while another 25 were dumped in a locked room that appeared to be a storage area.

Decomposing bodies found in Multan. Source: Twitter

Tariq Zaman Gujjar said he was told the bodies were used by medical students, but “after being used for educational purposes, the bodies should have been properly buried with funeral prayers, but they were left on the roof.”

Abandoned bodies

Multan City Police Officer (CPO), Khurram Shahzad Haider, said that the police had deposited the bodies in the morgue under Section 174 of the CPP. Complete the process and deliver it to your heirs.

The policeman further explained that the police receive two types of corpses, those related to a crime or those that die of natural causes, the police perform autopsies on injured bodies and those that die of medical complications. Those are deposited in the morgue without an autopsy.

Meanwhile, a former director of the Nishtar Medical College, Laeeq Hussain Siddiqui, said that it is normal for the university to use abandoned and unidentified bodies for medical purposes, but they are preserved after applying chemicals to them and stressed that mutilated corpses are not they pull in the open air, but kept in a ventilated room that was established in its time.

He said the bodies were given to the university’s anatomy department to be used for educational purposes, while the decomposing corpses were not kept in the morgue due to the stench, the anatomy department was used to teach medical students. To do this, he uses the bones of human bodies and these bodies are preserved by applying chemicals.


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