Optical illusion goes viral – how many numbers can you see?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Optical illusion goes viral; Visual puzzles are those small challenges in which, for their resolution, certain aptitudes and skills based on perception and not on intelligence are required. compared to other types of challenges, based on mathematical knowledge, to give an example.

Of all the types of visual challenges, the ones that attract the most attention to Internet users are those that test their visual acuity and ability to concentrate. However, there are others that, on the contrary, are based on optical illusion to deceive the brain, and thereby make the challenge more difficult.

An example of this type of riddle is one that has gone viral on the web in the last few hours, and whose origin was on the Twitter social network, where it was published for the first time. Since its publication, it has caused real headaches for those who have tried to solve it. Can you solve it yourself?

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The last to sweep Twitter was shared by the tweeter @srta_rous and has generated all kinds of reactions. It is a black and white image, a kind of spiral in which you can guess some numbers written in transparent, which makes it very difficult to see or guess them all.

The challenge is to find the number that is hidden behind an image of black stripes on a white background. Interestingly, due to the nature of the image, moving your device up and down denotes an optical illusion, which makes it more difficult to find the correct number.

However, the actual answer is seven digits: 3452839.

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The illusion is understood to work by playing on contrast sensitivity, an important measure of visual function, which allows us to perceive the difference between objects and their backgrounds.

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