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Satya Pal Malik only ‘Naam Ka Satya not Kaam Ka’, says Omar Abdullah

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Satyapal Malik, who is taking charge as the Governor of Goa, says that when I was the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, I settled 93 thousand complaints out of 95 Hajar. He said that Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti refused to participate in the panchayat elections under pressure from Pakistan.

Regarding the panchayat elections, he said, ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that we want to conduct panchayat elections in Jammu and Kashmir. I broke the protocol and went to the residence of Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti. He refused to take part in it under pressure from Pakistan. The terrorists also threatened, but the elections were successfully conducted.

He said that when I was the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, I had opened the doors of the Raj Bhavan for everyone. All my advisors were assigned to listen to people’s complaints once a week. There were 95,000 complaints in my office. I had settled 93,000 complaints before coming to Goa. This made people feel comfortable and their anger was reduced.

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Regarding the future tourism of Goa, Satyapal Malik said, ‘Goa is freed from Corona so domestic travelers can come here. Foreign tourists will take time to return but they will also come. This is not a long-term loss for the industry. ‘

However former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and Vice President of the National Conference (NC), Omar Abdullah took strong exception to a comment made by former state governor Satya Pal Malik in which Malik accused the NC and the PDP of succumbing to Pakistan’s pressure.

Known otherwise for not losing his cool, Omar lashed out at Malik calling him an ‘outright liar’.

Reacting to this, Omar said on his widely followed Twitter handle, “Only naam ka satya not kaam ka. He never tires of lying. Lied to people of J&K before 5th August and lying now. Hiding behind walls of Raj Bhavan protected from defamation suits so feels emboldened to shoot his mouth off. Let him say all this when he is no longer governor and see”.

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Never in his political career has Omar used such strong words to condemn anyone in public life.

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