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Home ยป Noida dog attack: 7-month-old child dies after stray dog tears out his intestines

Noida dog attack: 7-month-old child dies after stray dog tears out his intestines

Noida dog attack: Seven-month-old Infant dies after being mauled

A seven-month-old boy died after being bitten by a stray dog in Noida’s housing society on Monday (October 17, 2022), sparking mass protests. Following the incident, the boy was rushed to a hospital for treatment, however, the surgery was unsuccessful to mark the boy’s death.

The boy died this morning, Tuesday, at a hospital after being in critical condition overnight. Residents of a housing society in Sector 100 of Noida protested and blocked roads over the incident.

“The boy was mutilated by a stray dog on Monday night. He was admitted to a private hospital where doctors operated on him. Unfortunately, we lost the child last night,” Dharam Vir Yadav, a representative of the society’s residents’ group, was quoted as saying by PTI.

Residents of the society reportedly intervened upon hearing the boy’s screams, however by then he was seriously injured. The boy was rushed to nearby Yatharth Hospital around 6:30 p.m. with the intestines coming out of the stomach.

Noida dog attack

Residents of the society said that incidents of stray dog ​​attacks on people within the society have also occurred before. They further added that they want the dogs removed from the facility, but have faced pressure from dog lovers.

Residents of the society gathered in protest and urged the Noida Authority to intervene in the situation.

One of the society’s inhabitants claims that the basement houses a large number of stray dogs. In addition, they receive food from society, reported India Today.

“Notably, this is not the first incident of a stray dog ​​attacking someone in society as it happens every 3-4 months. We have complained about this to the Noida authority and also to the AOA but they did not take any action,” the resident quoted India Today in his report.

Earlier on Monday, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Noida 1) Rajneesh Verma said the boy was seriously injured in the incident.

“The boy’s parents are construction workers. Both were engaged in construction work within the society and had kept the child close to them. However, a stray dog had entered the society and bit the boy, leaving him seriously injured,” Verma told PTI.

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