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World Food Programme: All you need to know about this organisation?

all you need to know abot world food programme

The Nobel Peace Prize of the year 2020 has been announced. This time it is not an individual but an institution. This time this honor has been given to the World Food Programme organization. These have been chosen to feed and help the needy on a large scale in the world amid Coronavirus crisis, military crisis and other difficult times. It was announced on Friday by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

What is world food Programme (WFP) ?

The United Nations Organization World Food Programme has been given this honor to feed the hungry in different parts of the world, to help in such a place where there is most stress.

According to the information shared by the Nobel Committee, the World Food Program is the largest organization in the world that provides food help. In the year 2019, WFP provided food to 100 million people from 88 countries. In 2015, the United Nations considered a new mission to feed everyone. According to the data, around 135 million people went through hunger pangs in 2019 due to reasons like war and military crisis.

Such cases have increased due to Corona virus crisis. Whereas in Yemen, Kongo, Nigeria, Sudan and other countries it was difficult to get food due to civil war. Until the vaccine is available, food and treatment are the biggest vaccine. In times of such crisis, respect and help from the organizations working on this side is necessary.

What Nobel Committee Said?

The Norwegian Nobel Committee said in its statement that the award of such an institution will go to the attention of all countries and people will be able to get help. The member countries of the United Nations need to work fast in this direction. Which is most important for the world at this time.

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