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New feature of WhatsApp: Sending messages without phone

New feature of WhatsApp
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Ground Report | New Delhi: New feature of WhatsApp; Popular messaging app WhatsApp is testing a new feature. Even if you do not have your smartphone with you, then you will be able to send messages through this feature. At present, WhatsApp is linked to the user’s smartphone. To receive or send messages on the web and desktop versions, the smartphone needs to be connected to it.

But this new feature of WhatsApp will allow the user to use messaging services even when the battery is out or the phone is turned off. WhatsApp says that users will be able to use it on up to four devices such as personal computers and tablets.

This new feature is currently going through the testing phase and a small group has been given this facility so that they can give their feedback on it and if necessary improvements and new things are to be added in it before the public launch, it can be done.

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End-to-end encryption for WhatsApp is a feature it has been emphasizing on since its inception. The company has said that the feature with end-to-end encryption will continue to work in the new system as before.

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WhatsApp is not the first app in the market of messaging apps which is going to launch this feature. Other messaging apps like Signal are already equipped with this feature. A phone is required to register in this, but it is not necessary to have a phone to exchange messages.

WhatsApp, a company with two billion user base, says that the public had been demanding for this for a long time. Facebook has given information about this new feature in a blog post. The company’s engineers say that for this change, the software of WhatsApp had to be redesigned.

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The company says, “This had to be done because the current version of WhatsApp uses the smartphone app as the primary device. This smartphone is the primary source of user data and end-to-end for calling or messaging services on this device. The end encryption feature also works.

WhatsApp Web and other non-smartphone apps act as mirrors, meaning that only what is happening on the phone can be viewed on a desktop or laptop browser. But those who use it regularly have to face many problems. Like web users often complain that their WhatsApp gets disconnected again and again.

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This also means that WhatsApp can be active in only one place at a time outside your smartphone. If you activate it on another device, the already active web version will be disconnected.

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