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Netflix’s You Season 4, becomes part of ‘Dissing the rich’ narrative on OTTs

The attempt to cling on the bandwagon of ‘dissing the rich’, the show has definitely sacrificed the quality of the content in the season.

By Rajeev Tyagi
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you season 4 review

There is a growing trend to scrutinize the rich, and ultra-rich in the web-series ecosystem. HBO’s emmy-award winning The White Lotus Season 1, in a way, started this discourse. A bunch of rich people, aware-unaware of their privilege, visit a hotel for a vacation. Their manners, and lives became a satire on how the world sees the ideal of their exploits. The show became an instant hit. The word of praises were pouring from everywhere, quite literally.

Netflix’s movie Glass Onion: A Knives Out mystery by Rian Johnson, does the same. The lead characters are a variety of rich-people and presents their singled-minded pursuits to be more rich. 

Ruben Östlund’s english-feature debut ‘Triangle of Sadness’, has the same premise as well. This film develops into an Orwellan dystopian novel Animal Farm in a way. The film won the Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival. 

Now, ‘dissing the rich’ or ‘eat the rich’ is a running gag on the writers table at almost every prominent production company. The recent addition is the Netflix’s popular show ‘You’. 

About Season 4

Apart from the first part of season 4, the Netflix show is fairly boring, and not engaging. The show is known for its uncomfortable voyeurism and unsettling intrusion into a stranger’s life. Although, those things are far from present in the latest season, apart from the building of the premise, and the world in which Joe finds himself.

The attempt to cling on the bandwagon of ‘dissing the rich’, the show has definitely sacrificed the quality of the content in the season. Unlike other seasons, the show failed the create a buzz for itself also.


With climate change and rich-class exploits being part of the cinema or web series, there might be more rational conversations on the subject. Through HBO’s The Last of Us, and Apple TV+’s new series ‘Extrapolation’, the climate change narratives are witnessing a different perspective. 

Interestingly, these narratives quite bluntly present the uncomfortable realities of capitalism and rich-people mindset. For example, complete disdain for other sections of society, and the discomfort and uneasiness even with extreme wealth. But, the irony lies in the fact that these shows are produced by rich people, and celebrated by award shows sponsored by similar multi-national companies.

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