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Elite Season 4 Released, Now Streaming on Netflix

elite season 4 released

Elite Season 4 Now Streaming: Hey wait is over for 4th installment of the Netflix series Elite. Now you can watch all-new episodes on Netflix across the globe. Elite has been one of Netflix’s most popular international series since it launched in 2018.

What is in Season 4?

Season 4 consists of 8 episodes filled with drama, suspense, nudity, sex, and love. This is one of the most popular series on Netflix you can wonder that because it is already renewed for season 5.

In Brand new season new cast has been added, Carla Díaz as Ari Blanco Commerford, Martina Cariddi as Mencía Blanco Commerford, Manu Ríos as Patrick Blanco Commerford, Pol Granch as Phillipe Florian Von Triesenberg.

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Also a number of cast members will not be returning. Ester Expósito (Carla), Danna Paola (Lu), Álvaro Rico (Polo) and Jorge López (Valerio) have all left the show.

With season 4 Netflix has also released four Elite short stories episodes ahead of the season that focuses on what the characters did over the summer before Elite season 4 starts.

What Elite is all about?

Elite is a spanish teen drama series created for Netflix by Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona. The series is set in Las Encinas, a fictional elite secondary school and revolves around the relationships between three working-class students enrolled at the school through a scholarship and their wealthy classmates.

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Season 1

After their school collapses, three working-class friends – Samuel, Nadia and Christian – are offered scholarships to Las Encinas, the most exclusive private school in Spain. The three soon become ostracized by their wealthier classmates, and as the school year progresses, their lives intertwine in a clash of lifestyles, resentments, envy, and sexual attraction – which soon leads to murder.

Season 2

2nd Season deals with the fall-out of Marina’s murder and the disappearance of Samuel. Meanwhile, three new students – Valerio, Rebeka, and Cayetana – join the school, each with secrets of their own.

Season 3

The students enter their final semester at Las Encinas as they cope with the murder of Polo and plan their futures.

Season 4

Season 4 is streaming on Netflix, you can watch all 8 episodes right now.

Season 5

Elite is renewed for season 5 already.

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