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Neighbour demands ‘sex’ in exchange for oxygen cylinder, tweet goes viral

Examples emerged from the community that made humanity realize that the COVID-19 situation, Someone is blackmailing the oxygen cylinder. 

By Ground Report
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Neighbour demands ‘sex’ in exchange for oxygen cylinder, tweet goes viral

Second boom of covid virus continues across the country

Ground Report | New Delhi: Sex for oxygen: The country is in the grip of the second wave of COVID-19 epidemic along with the incidence of sexual harassment is also increasing continuously. These challenging conditions have embarrassed humanity

A Twitter user tweeted about the incident said, "a girl like my younger sister needed oxygen to treat her father. She was preparing to buy the oxygen needed for that treatment". 

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The girl had asked some people for help as she needed oxygen for treatment immediately. At that time, a man from the upper class demanded that I get better than to have oxygen. 

The girl further alleged, asking netizens what action could be taken against the offender.

The tweet has now gone viral on Twitter and has evoked horror and outrage online, with many urging the user to register a police complaint at the earliest. Others suggested filing a complaint with the Resident Welfare Association of the colony in question or naming and shaming the individual.

Another twitter user wrote "the poor girl! And no, no action can be taken. Because not only will he deny it, this is something that plays out every day. Only difference is that the girl is from a priviledged background".

One twitter user wrote "Its a crime under section 354-A of Indian Penal Code, 1860. File a police complaint. Its not victim's job to find evidences. If ultimately your case fails even then he will get the message that he is not untouchable. Make a dent in the universe. Stand up. We will support her".

People suggested her ways to take action against the offender, from lodging a police complaint to naming and shaming.

Another twitter user wrote "Is this India where Bhagat Singh havaldar Hameed So many great people have taken birth. this is painful we see these types of characterless people, shame on them".

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Another twitter wrtoe "When it comes to police , she should give a complain to police only and only if she is powerful and well connected else the system is not good , especially if she is accusing someone who himself is well connected. It will add to her stress. Thats the sad part of it".

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