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Nashik leopard cat Fight, Yes guys cat is alive

In Nashik, Maharashtra leopard fell into well while chasing a cat. This video is viral on social media. People are asking only one questions ‘is cat still alive’? Answer is yes.

A local newspaper reported that both the animals were rescued and didn’t sustain any injuries.

Leopard Cat Video

The video shows the leopard jumping out of the water to charge towards the cat. Its face was just a few inches away from the smaller animal, that backs up a little but doesn’t run away.

Video was tweeted by news angency ANI. Netzens showed concern for domestic cat.

The cat courageously stood it’s ground and the larger animal was a little confused seeing it’s own copy in a smaller variant.

Satish Menon

Whatever the fate of the cat atleast she stood up to the tiger and thats what that matters.

Dr Parul Chandra

Moral of the story : nobody cares about what happened to the cat…. So always become a leopard in life.

Bhola Guru

“A leopard and a cat come face-to-face after falling down a well in Nashik “The leopard fell in the well while chasing the cat. It was later rescued and released in its natural habitat,” says Pankaj Garg, Deputy Conservator of Forests, West Nashik Division,” 

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