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Why is ‘Muslim PM’ Trending on Twitter?

pritish nandy muslim pm tweet

Filmmaker and journalist Pritish Nandy tweeted on the sidelines of the presidential election and asked if a Muslim could ever become a President or a Muslim Prime Minister in India. Can you make 1 out of every 7 Indians ineligible for a high political office?’

He wrote-

An Indian origin woman is Vice President of the US. An Indian origin man has a shot at being Prime Minister of Britain. But will an Indian born Muslim be Prime Minister or President of India ever again? Can you make 1 out of every 7 Indians ineligible for high political office?

Here I was asking a simple question. By sealioning me, the trolls are sidestepping the real issue: Does merit have any role left to play in such appointments or will we continue to succumb to considerations of caste, gender, faith and regional identity?


Pritish Nandy is a well-known writer, journalist, filmmaker, television personality and politician. He was sent to Rajya Sabha by Shiv Sena in 1998. More than 40 poetry compilations of Pritish Nandy have been published in English. Along with this, he has also translated many other language poems.

His reaction has come at a time when there is not a single Muslim minister left in the Modi government. Gradually, the representation of Muslims in politics on a large scale is decreasing. For the post of President, the Modi government has chosen Draupadi Murmu, who comes from the tribal community. Earlier, Ram Nath Kovind has been the President of the country who comes from the Dalit community.

Journalist Rana Ayub wrote on this

Not a single Muslim ruling MP for the first time in Indian history. An ex- Vice Prez being humiliated by the ruling regime over his muslim-ness. Prime Minister toh door ki baat hai


People Reacted on ‘Muslim PM’ question

How many non muslim PM or president have u seen in pakistan or in 57 muslim countries till date???


Didn’t BJP make APJ Abdul Kalamji the President of India? Was being Muslim his ONLY qualification? Which Muslim PM has India ever got? Why didn’t Congis make Ahmed Patel PM? Why look at every person thru’ prism of identity politics instead of merit & competency?


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