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Mundra Port case: Strings of accused linked to Pakistan

Mundra Port case; The National Investigation Agency has made a big claim in the charge sheet regarding 3000kg of illegal

By Ground report
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Mundra Port drug smuggling case Strings of accused linked to Pakistan

Ground Report | New Delhi: Mundra Port drug smuggling case; The National Investigation Agency has made a big claim in the charge sheet regarding 3000kg of illegal narcotics recovered last year at Mundra port in Gujarat. The NIA has told the Ahmedabad special court that drug traffickers have links to terrorist organizations in Pakistan.

According to the report of The Indian Express, on Monday, the NIA has filed a charge sheet against 16 people in this case. Of these, 11 are Afghan citizens, four Indians and one Iranian. Last year, the Revenue Intelligence Directorate recovered a shipment of this illegal drug worth approximately Rs 21,000 crore.

The NIA said in a statement: "Defendant Mohammad Hassan Hussain Dad and other co-conspirators along with Mohammad Hassan Dad have been found to be linked to banned terrorist organizations based in Pakistan. Proceeds from drug smuggling are being used to anti-Indian activities". The foreign entities were sent back through hawala channels at the behest of Pakistan-based terrorist organizations.

The NIA said that Hasan Dad and Hussain Dad are the promoters of Hassan Hussain Limited, located in Kandahar, Afghanistan. According to officials, the same company had shipped a shipment of illegal drugs. This shipment was shipped from Kandahar to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas. In India, this shipment was to be received by the Ashi Trading Company of Andhra Pradesh. This company is run by Machavaram Sudhakar, a Chennai resident, along with his wife Govindaraju Durga Poorna Vaishali.

The NIA also said that during the investigation it was found that the same defendant had smuggled drugs into India in the past. Of the 16 people NIN has filed a charge sheet against, 10 have been arrested and six remain at large.

"The shipment sent in September 2021 was intercepted, while previous shipments were received and stored in a warehouse in Delhi for further distribution in Delhi and Punjab," the NIA said.

The 16 charges filed by the agency include 10 who have been arrested, another six are at large. Those arrested are Machavaram Sudhakar, his wife DP Vaishali, Rajkumar Perumal and Pradeep Kumar, all from India; Mohammad Khan Akhlaqi, Said Mohammad Hussaini, Fardin Amery, Sobhan Aryanfar, Alokozai Mohammad Khan, and Murtaza Hakimi, all Afghan citizens. The six escaping are the Dads, Iranian citizen Javad Najafi and Afghan citizens Najibullah Khan Khalid, Esmat Ullah Honari and Abdul Hadi Alizada. (Mundra Port drug smuggling case)

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