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Most common passwords in world, These can be hacked easily

Most common passwords in world, These can be hacked easily

Ground Report | New Delhi: Most common passwords in world; Until now, “123456” remains the most used password in the rest of the world. A new report from NordPass unveils the list of the 200 most common keys in the last year.

Their report, which uses a database weighing 4TB, was created in collaboration with independent researchers specialized in cybersecurity incidents, which allows an analysis to be carried out in 50 different countries, also segmenting by gender, the time it takes to decipher it and the number of times it is used.

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Behind “password” are the most common combinations and words commonly used in India. These are “iloveyou”, “krishna”, “sairam” and “omsairam” among many more. “12345” is supposed to be the most common password for all countries, but this research breaks that misconception. While “12345” ranks pretty high on the list.

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Other common passwords in India include generic execution strings such as “123456789”, “india123”, “qwerty”, “abc123”, “12345678”, “abcd1234”. Of the 50 countries that were part of the analysis, 43 had “123456” as the most common password. As always, India had to stand out, along with six other countries.

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Most common passwords in world

1. 123456

2. 123456789

3. 12345

4. qwerty

5. password

6. 12345678

7. 111111

8. 123123

9. 1234567890

10. 1234567

Some other common password in India













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The study also found that in the United States, “iloveyou ” was used as a password 222,287 times by women than by men (96,785 times). and that two musical groups are quite close in their use: on the one hand, ” Metallica” was used by men 88,543 times against 75,204 by “Slipknot” .

NordPass also shared additional information about these passwords, such as that a large number of people use their own name as a password, the soccer team “Liverpool” is in position 121 worldwide with 934,857 uses, and that is quite frequent. find high-sounding words to protect accounts, being used more by men than women.

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