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More wait on same sex marriage as centre filled fresh affidavit

Countries where same-sex marriage is officially legal

Amid the ongoing Supreme Court hearing on the legalization of same-sex marriages, the Union government asked all states to provide their views on the matter within 10 days.

The government measure seeks to involve all states in the hearing, since their right to legislate on the subject may be affected. Various petitions have been filed seeking broader constitutional rights based on the right to life, personal liberty, and other related rights.

During the Supreme Court hearing, the central government requested the views of the states on the matter. In a new affidavit filed Wednesday, the Center urged the court to involve all states as parties to the case or wait until the consultation process is complete.

The affidavit also noted that including all states in the case is essential since their right to legislate on the issue would be affected.

Mukul Rohatgi responded to the Centre’s affidavit by saying, “I will handle the issue of states. We have challenged a central law based on fundamental rights violation. The notice was issued nearly five months ago, and this letter was sent just yesterday. How is it relevant to my case?”

Rohatgi emphasized that their rights have been established through two Constitution bench judgments, and they must now move forward, particularly in the secular sphere of laws if not personal laws.

He added that the effects of the marriage declaration must extend to other secular aspects, including gratuity, pension, adoption, and more.

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