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Home » HOME » Models walk to Mehdi Hassan’s Ghazal at Paris Fashion Week, know why

Models walk to Mehdi Hassan’s Ghazal at Paris Fashion Week, know why

Models walk to Mehdi Hasan's Ghazal at Paris Fashion Week, know why

A German-based fashion label GmbH presented its spring 2023 menswear collection, titled “Ghazal”, at the Paris Fashion Week (PFW) dedicated to flood-prone Pakistan. GmbH, showcased its spring collection to the tune of Mehdi Hassan’s famous Dunya Kisi Ke Pyar Mein ghazal as models strutted down the catwalk.

To clear up people’s confusion, they explained the concept behind the unique walk: “For months, this collection was conceived as a personal and fragmented celebration of the beauty and culture of South Asia as part of our ongoing research into our own heritage.

GmbH is an unlearning project as we work to decolonize our minds. In this process, we are reclaiming a kind of personal spirituality within the complexities between freedom and morality.”

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‘Duniya Kisie ke pyar mein’ by Mehdi Hassan

The audience was amazed to hear Mehdi Hassan’s unknown but melodious ghazal ‘Duniya Kisie ke pyar mein’ as the models walked down the ramp.

The German fashion brand chose to raise awareness through prestigious platforms such as Paris Fashion Week about natural disasters and their impact on the fashion industry around the world.

On the other hand, some people did not like it and found it offensive to use Mehdi Hassan’s ghazal in such a way. One user wrote “Ghazal and the type of show aren’t compatible. Give a beautiful lehnga to a girl to wear and let her walk slowly on the ramp and then see the magic happen”

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Another user said “Why walking so fast on such a beautiful ghazal? Clearly they don’t understand the spirit of this ghazal”

“OMG it’s a massacre, such a lovely ghazal playing to absolute Absurdity in the name of fashion!! Why are men shown in a feminine light, it’s as if the fashion industry is making sure that masculinity has no representation, repulsive!” another user said.

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