Meme fest on internet after adult film played on Patna station

Hundreds of passengers waiting to board trains at Patna railway station were faced with an awkward situation when an adult clip was played on all TV screens installed on all 10 platforms for three minutes.

Instead of advertisements, a adult clip was played on LED screens at Patna Junction railway station at around 10am on Sunday.

The clip played for about 3 minutes, allowing several passengers on the platforms to record it on their phones.

Confirming the incident, official spokesman for the DRM office in Danapur Prabhat Kumar said: “We have launched an investigation into the incident and started the process of cancelling the contract.”

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He also said: “We have registered an FIR against the company officials. It is an intolerable incident. We will blocklist this company.”

In addition, Railway terminated the contract given to the agency for the rebroadcasting of advertisements on the television screens of the railway station. However, more research is being done.

A similar incident had taken place on Sunday morning at the same Patna railway station.

Now, video of the incident is being widely shared on social media with users tagging Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar as well as the Ministry of Railways.

Twitter users reactions

Many passengers had recorded the footage on their mobile phones when the clip played on the screens. The videos have gone viral on social media.

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Another user identified as Abhijeet Singh said, “Just saw Patna Junction  trending and thought it may be good news about the railway redevelopment project.”

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