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Meet Manzoor Ahmad Asthma patient, supplying oxyegn cylinders to others

I cannot sit at home, I work and earn for my family

Ground Report | SRINAGAR: Manzoor Ahmed drives a small truck to deliver oxygen cylinders to needy Corona positive patients. In this pandemic, he also help the needy people of oxygen.

He said that I know that those who do not have access to oxygen when they need it, what trouble do they have to go through.

Manzoor Ahmed, a 48-year-old resident of Budgam Kashmir, is an asthma patient himself, and has been on oxygen support for the last 3 years.

However even in such a condition, he is working in a small truck to deliver oxygen cylinders to the needy covid patients. He said, ‘I understand the importance of an oxygen cylinder and the pain of not getting it very well.

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In order to raise his family, he is running his car on the deserted roads. The oxygen tube in the nose and the cylinder of oxygen placed on the side seat. 

Truck driver Manzoor Ahmed said that for humanity, if I am able to give oxygen to someone, and can save my life or feel any relief, then it is a great feeling for me. I am an asthma patient myself, and I know that people may be in great need of this oxygen.

He added “Due to this, people’s lives are also saved and employment is also created for me. Has to do for the family. This is humanity. I can’t beg I will not, I have given my hands, so I work”.

Manzoor said that I cannot sit at home, I work and earn for my family. They depend on me. There is also the cost of family, so I have to come out. I want my survivors to do something in this world.

Manzoor himself carries an oxygen cylinder with him 24/7. They are also at greater risk of infection, as their lungs are already weak. But not only do they transport these oxygen cylinders to the homes of patients, but they also refill the cylinders when needed.

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He said that he also has a family which he has to feed. That is why they cannot give up so early in life. And I want people not to lose hope. Keep them strong.

The second wave of Corona epidemic is breaking people’s courage, Lack of oxygen, medicines and beds in hospitals snatched up hope of living from many.

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