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Meet Gaurav Mohite, Aarnav Kalra & BEFORV

Ground Report, New Delhi: Beforv Gaurav Mohite; Beforv- Offering a range of media promotions, branding and branding consultancy services with an impressive online presence. Beforv is known to be a prominent startup that revolves around media promotions, branding and brand consultancy.

Over the past two years, the startup has enjoyed monthly impressions of 120 million+ and over 500K+ Instagram followers. Beforv dates back to July 2019. It furnishes opportunities to young & creative intellects by promoting their work on the correct platform & providing them with tremendous work opportunities.

Meet the CEO “Gaurav Mohite”

Gaurav Mohite was 20 years old when he dropped out of college and started on a journey towards becoming the great entrepreneur that he is now. He started his journey by making Instagram pages at the age of 17. He had around 6-7 Instagram pages that he tried to grow but failed. These failures, however, did not stop him but made him stronger and more resilient. He also learned a lot of things from his failures-to never give up, to adapt to change, and to embrace challenges as they come. This is when Gaurav started on his quest of co-founding Beforv as the CEO of the start-up.

Meet the COO “Aarnav Kalra”

The second co-founder of Beforv was Aarnav Kalra, a twenty-three-year-old entrepreneur from New Delhi. He pursued B.Sc. Hospitality & Hotel Administration but did not opt for a job. The entrepreneurial spirit within him did not allow him to work under anybody else but to be his boss. 

BEFORV – A revolutionary Startup

This magnificent duo went on an entrepreneurial venture in 2019 of starting Beforv and within just 2 years they made great strides towards making Beforv one of the best pages for Filmmaking, photography, videography, VFX, and a lot of other engaging content. It took them merely 2 years to develop a huge online presence with over 290K followers, an impressive reach of 5 million+ every week on Instagram, and getting over 265 international clients. They worked hard every passing day and made sure that they put in everything that they had into making Beforv a huge success. Beforv is a perfect platform for someone looking for media promotions, branding, and brand consultancy. 

Both the co-founders possess excellent branding and Social Media Marketing skills as well as  Analytical and Design skills. The COO, Aarnav Kalra, was even interviewed by TED-X Goldenbridge where he inspired the younger generation to follow their passion. 

The covid-19 pandemic was a time when many businesses shut down and rendered a lot of people jobless. This time did not deter the courage of the ultimate duo where they worked hard and managed to get a growth rate of 1468%. This was just the beginning, Beforv currently has a followers base of more than 500k+ 400+ client base and 126 mn media impressions monthly from all over the globe. 

The founders of beforv have a dream to make it one of the biggest channels to empower content creators and creative individuals to help bring an evolution in the social media space and leave an indelible impact on the entire nation by showing them the power of the youth of our country.

Get to know about their Sister Startup

The duo also took upon themselves to start another page on Instagram, a sister concern of Beforv and named it ‘EDIT VS RAW’. This page primarily tackles editing and impressive graphic content. This page has successfully been able to create a follower base of 95k+ followers and they’re ever-increasing.

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